“Poking Holes in the Potatoes…”

I have written about Marc Elias several times. He and his legal associates are some of our country’s most diligent, consistent, and successful defenders of voting rights and democracy in the courts. They were largely responsible for Trump’s legal defeats after the election, and they continue tirelessly today.

Please read the very moving story Elias includes in his tweet below, in which he explains why he’s so “singleminded and dogged [in] the fight for democracy in court.” I regard it as a reminder to all of us that we can continually find ways to do our bit–whether it’s calling our elected officials, writing letters to the editor of our local paper, donating what we can (the 2024 campaigns are already in full gear), ensuring that friends and relatives are registered to vote, etc.

You can see how effective Elias has been from this tweet, which emerged from the Dominion lawsuit against Fox. It’s also a compelling peek into the dangerous mind of Tucker Carlson, Fox’s King of Malevolent Hypocrisy. (The unidentified person communicating with Carlson is talking about Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, perhaps two of the most extreme in the slew of ethically challenged, conspiracy theorist lawyers surrounding Trump. Powell has been on another planet with her election conspiracy theories.)

UPDATE: I just came across Elias’s response to the above exchange:

“Trump did not lose because of Lin Wood or Sidney Powell. Biden did not win because of me or other lawyers. Democrats keep winning elections because more voters vote for them. Period.”

Elias’s newsletters and podcasts, Democracy Docket, are extremely valuable. Subscriptions are free.

If more and more of us poke holes in the potatoes, we can move our country forward with a stronger, more vibrant democracy.


14 thoughts on ““Poking Holes in the Potatoes…”

  1. He is doing noble work, and the fight for democracy has many fronts. Defending voting rights may not have the high profile and spectacle of fighting Trump’s sore-loser lawsuits, but it’s very important. Attacks on the right of certain groups to vote are a kind of inching toward apartheid, a system where only favored groups will be enfranchised.

    I’ve heard of many cases of sabotage by slave laborers in Nazi Germany. In addition to potato gathering, the Nazis stupidly used slaves to manufacture munitions, even the V-2 rockets, ignoring the fact that those slaves had no motivation at all to help Nazi Germany win the war — obviously the opposite. There were cases where Allied planes were hit by German shells that failed to explode, and were later found not to contain any explosive — in one case a shell even contained a note written in Czech saying “this is all we can do for you now”. Those unknown slave workers did what they could to help the battle for freedom, even at the risk of terrible punishment if they were caught. Elias is right to cite them as an inspiration.

    One point of detail: The MyPillow guy is actually the relentlessly bonkers Mike Lindell. I had to look up Lin Wood; he’s a different person and is actually a lawyer, though he must be a very bad one to get bracketed with Powell.

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      1. I used a rock when Joe and I hiked through the New Mexico wilderness. Pillow quality is relative but Mr. Lindell should be seen as the addict trapped in a delusion, that he is. Mental illness needs treatment not ridicule. I think he is being used by monsters. Renfield was an innocent. Apologies in advance, I’m looking at my hole pocked conscious.

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      2. What you say about Lindell being used by monsters may be true, Richard, but he’s continuing to damage our country. I don’t think we have time to wait for him to find life apart from the guy I guess you’re suggesting is the Prince of Darkness.

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      3. All of the devils I know are humans. Mike was caught by a demon named “crack” cocaine. He escaped but those demons never really let you go. Watch him on Kimmel talking from within a grabber machine.
        My demons promised me that I could win the lottery if I abandoned all my hate. I’ve know men like Mike my entire life and I can not hate them because I have loved some of them and I was one of them and in the dark I still am. One day the bishops and the MAGAs will all be dead and I’ll buy a ticket and give it all away.


    1. Infidel: Now that I have a little more time, I’m adding a couple of examples of Elias’s work in behalf of specific groups whose right to vote is under attack in a process you rightly call out as “inching toward apartheid, a system where only favored groups will be enfranchised.” Before the 2022 midterm elections, he successfully represented Senator Raphael Warnock against the Georgia Republican machine’s efforts to eliminate voting the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That extra day of voting may well have been decisive in that close election. In the red state of Idaho, Republicans are about to send the governor a bill that states student IDs are no longer acceptable documentation for voting. This bill coincides with a 66% increase in Idaho among voters aged 18 and 19 over the past four years–the highest registration rate of new young voters in the US. Elias has made it clear that “If the governor signs this voter suppression law, Idaho will be sued.” It seems likely that as the youth vote, skewing Democratic, is increasing, so will such efforts at suppression in various states.
      I’m also adding an update to my post with Elias’s comment concerning the Tucker Carlson exchange.

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  2. Never underestimate our own ability to find something useful to do in promoting things we believe in. So easy to just sink into the couch, but he’s an inspiration. I will never look at a potato the same way again.

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