“Poking Holes in the Potatoes…”

I have written about Marc Elias several times. He and his legal associates are some of our country's most diligent, consistent, and successful defenders of voting rights and democracy in the courts. They were largely responsible for Trump's legal defeats after the election, and they continue tirelessly today. Please read the very moving story Elias … Continue reading “Poking Holes in the Potatoes…”

Guess What! In 2022, “Republicans Lost and Voters Won in Court”

Photo by Mark Youso on Pexels.com Yes, it’s true, though it may not have seemed this way. In addition to the defeat of some of the most extreme Big Liars last November, the year was marked by plenty of victories for voters seeking to exercise their rights--via the courts. Much of the credit for these … Continue reading Guess What! In 2022, “Republicans Lost and Voters Won in Court”

Has the Supreme Court Just Pulled Back From the Brink?

For those of you who are sensible enough not to follow all the machinations of the parts of our government that are really behaving very badly—that is, for people who’ve taken oaths to protect our democracy—the Supreme Court’s oral arguments about Moore v. Harper may not have been foremost in your minds. I understand. So … Continue reading Has the Supreme Court Just Pulled Back From the Brink?

Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse

https://twitter.com/bebeneuwirth/status/1595954909001781248?s=51&t=W6b3mhjeObksR0oS3U4paw I suppose I might have seen this delightful image of humans' best friends learning a life-enhancing skill for the people they'll soon assist somewhere else, but I saw it on Twitter. And it was enriched by the exuberant comment from actress, singer, dancer Bebe Neuwirth. I didn't know Bebe Neuwirth was on Twitter, and … Continue reading Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse


If you live in Georgia or know anyone who does, including students who are registered to vote there but go to school elsewhere, please note that early voting is already under way in some counties, including DeKalb, and voting will occur THIS SATURDAY! https://twitter.com/victorshi2020/status/1595460409720721408?s=51&t=GlVeuLYVo1kzKoU8kLc-Jw https://twitter.com/linacantalupa/status/1595468585006399489?s=51&t=GlVeuLYVo1kzKoU8kLc-Jw Marc Elias, whose law firm is responsible for these election … Continue reading GEORGIA SENATE VOTE ALERT!

I Choose Hope for America

President Obama presents Congressman John Lewis with Presidential Medal of Freedom. Image commons.wikimedia.org It feels as though the Doomsday Clock for American democracy and stability took a swing in the wrong direction these past few days. Two greed-driven Democrats whose campaign coffers have been swelling with special interest money even though they’re not up for … Continue reading I Choose Hope for America

Can Fannie Lou Hamer Save Our Democracy?

Marc Elias of Democracy Docket, whom I’ve written about before, is one of the most deeply committed individuals at the forefront of our battle to combat voter suppression. He was constantly in the courtroom during the post-2020 election challenges, beating back all the phony claims, and he’s fighting the good fight once again. In the May 25th issue of Democracy Docket, he describes a precedent set by civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer in the 1960s that could be employed today against anyone who is elected to office where voting discrimination has occurred.