#BooksWithWallace! and Happy Pi Day

I stumbled across this tweet from author Don Winslow in my carefully self-curated Twitter feed. My follower numbers are still low enough so the algorithms spare me the hatred swirling about that platform. Rather, I get some gentle little slices of life such as this one. I hope you enjoy it.

My Internet search yielded no information about young Wallace per se, but there are two YouTube videos from his program in 2022 (when his voice was higher)–one a review of another Winslow book. YouTube credits The Story Factory, an entertainment company that just happens to represent Don Winslow. So this is probably a clever promotional ploy. I still think it’s fun.

In Elon Musk’s bug-infested Twitter, the opening was decapitated from the cartoon below.

The number 6, whose name is Sharon (why not?), is politely saying: “After you…”


6 thoughts on “#BooksWithWallace! and Happy Pi Day

  1. I certainly hope that students such as Wallace will be able to graaduate college with out debt or the need of a corporate sponsor.
    Amazing how the continuos rant is that as a country we cannot afford to bail out student debt and bemoan the rapidly increasing cost of education (and health care).
    Yet after being repeatedly told the country has no money in less then a weekend the gov, (FDIC, SEC whomever) has committed to a blank check bail out for those two banks that were mismanaged right into bankrupcy.
    And where as the “moral hazard” of funding healt care and education is a major talking point the very idea of a “moral hazard” for bailing out incompetently run banks is never even raised as a serious impediment to handing out buckets of money to them.
    I think back to a speech the (original) Mario Coumo gave to bankers assoc. at the tail end of the Saving and loan crisis where he stated that countries show their priorities by where they spend their money. He also pointed out the hypricrisy of bailing out the S&L’s ( a necessary evil) hile refusing to fund health care and education.
    Any bank bail out should be coupled with the minimun of a dollar to dollar bail out of student loan debt.

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    1. Any bank bail out should be coupled with the minimum of a dollar to dollar bail out of student loan debt. Most excellent idea! Bailouts if done properly benefit all parties and as seen with the auto industry bailout under Bush of all presidents can turn a dollar profit as well.

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    2. I think it’s more shameful than our being told “We have no money.” In the SCOTUS hearings that seem to be a prelude to overturning the Biden admin’s forgiveness program, which will help young people, including many minorities, dig out from under predatory loans, the usual suspects complained about the lack of fairness. They referred to a hypothetical landscaper not getting a loan, though such a person is not mentioned in the law that was used to make this loan forgiveness decision by the Commissioner of Education. And Roberts, who always claims the Court should just be calling balls and strikes, was whining about the unfairness with his radical colleagues.


  2. What else is amazing other then worrying about “fairness” is that their argument against CFPB ( Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).
    The arguement is that all agencies of the Gov. must have all their funding approved by Congress every year. If they prevail any agency of the government that uses fees of any sort must be approved by Congress every year or every new session of Congress.
    That would eradicate Social Security, FAA, FDIC and an entire alphabet of agencies.
    Essentially while defending the bail out of millionaires and billionaires deposits from bank failures the right (including thuglican state AG’s) are argueing that the FDIC is unconstitional.


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