The Little Guy Wins!

Nature’s ways can be oh-so cruel
The orcas simply sought some gruel

A penguin would be quite a treat–
A tasty bit of gentoo meat.

But Jimmy (some cheered with that name)
Refused to be the whales’ fair game.

He swam like hell to save his skin
This was a race he had to win.

And to the travelers’ delight,
He closed his swim with all his might

As from the icy waters leapt
To safety, hurling his small heft.

I see him, center stage, on board,
And wish the world were herbivored.


17 thoughts on “The Little Guy Wins!

  1. The world would be a better place,
    If orcas were a vegan race.

    Alas, they can’t call salads lunch;
    On seals and penguins they must munch.

    But see how, witnessing this fight,
    The humans feel the penguin’s plight!

    Instinctively they take his side;
    To see him chomped, they can’t abide.

    We too, deep-down being herbivores
    Feel sickened when the killer scores.

    And if the orca could, we too
    Would be its prey, like that gentoo.

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  2. Wow. That’s quite a poem — and another poem in response in the comments! — inspired by this poignant video. Those penguins are extraordinary swimmers/jumpers! And the humans in the boat were indeed fortunate that the whale didn’t decide to knock their small boat over in her/his quest for a meal…

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    1. I like to mix things up a bit here, Will: amid my political and other posts I sometimes add little ditties like this—occasionally “meatier” poems (pun intended, of course).

      I was taken by how calm the tourists were in what was essentially a raft: there was, in fact, a whole pod of orcas surrounding them. But maybe that kind of equanimity is inherent in people who choose Antarctica as a vacation spot!
      Always good to hear from you.


    1. Thanks so much. Matthew. I like the aerodynamics and adrenaline. It’s so fascinating to think what made the little guy seek refuge on the boat. I always feel we underestimate animals’ capabilities.

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