The election is a job interview. This political ad asks, ‘Would you hire Donald Trump?’

If you haven’t already voted, this link leads you to state-by-state information about when absentee ballots must be received to be counted. DO NOT USE THE POST OFFICE: drop off ballot in a legitimate drop box or at your local or county clerk’s office.

Do so as soon as you can to ensure that your vote will be counted. Lawsuits in some swing states are expected to be filed to negate ballots that arrive after the close of hours on Election Day.

You can also use the various links on the NCSL page of the above link to learn when early in-person voting ends, and how to get any information you may need (hours, polling place, etc) about voting on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

Early voting is still possible in these critical states: Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina (til 3 pm tomorrow–Saturday), Ohio, Virginia (til 5 pm tomorrow), and Wisconsin. Check the link above for days and hours for these and all other states. Some have Sunday voting hours.

Please vote: your single vote does, indeed, matter–a lot–and this is the most important election in our lifetime. Your healthcare, economic well-being, environment, safety, and a host of hard-won rights are on the ballot. Decency, justice, and democracy are on the ballot. Indeed, as Covid spreads without a plan, your life may well be on the ballot! Your vote is your voice for a better future.



  1. I believe every state is a critical state. Even if you live in California or Oklahoma, so that the outcome of the races you vote in is a foregone conclusion for your state, your vote still counts — because we need the popular-vote margin to be a landslide. The bigger the win, the harder for the Republicans to steal the election by sabotage or trickery, and the less likely election officials will be to go along with such shenanigans. Every vote counts.

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    1. infidel: I agree, but I couldn’t list all the states that still had early voting, so I chose those that are, regrettably, the ones that will decide the election.

      Incidentally, I followed your link to another blog’s use of the political ad above and responded to that interesting assessment of it.


      1. I’ve long thought that if Trump hadn’t been born rich, he’d be homeless or dead by now. He’s too obnoxious to succeed at an ordinary job, or any other normal life situation.


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