On Dr. King’s Birthday, We Must Remember: Environmental Justice Is Part of His Legacy


8 thoughts on “On Dr. King’s Birthday, We Must Remember: Environmental Justice Is Part of His Legacy

  1. I must confess that I missed the environmental justice message from Dr. King. It seems to me that the message in the quotation is more about Christian charity and unity. To the extent there was an environmental message, it seems it would have been more about the stewardship of God’s creation. And all of these things are desperately needed now more than ever.


    1. When I copied the image into the post, it wouldn’t allow me to add text. (I seem to be in a rough techie mode these days.) Today’s environmental justice groups claim him as their own because he fought for sanitation workers’ safety and linked everything together. There’s even a CDC blog referring to his environmental justice influence. Don’t know how they slipped that one in during this administration.


      1. I got an email from World War Zero, the new group to awaken worldwide attention to the need for climate action ( I wrote about them a week ago), and that image and quotation touched my heart. Environmental justice folks from various quarters claim Dr King as one of their own because, among other things, when he fought for safety for sanitation workers and decent housing in safe neighborhoods, he tied everything together. I even found a govt blog from the CDC referring to him as a fighter for environmental justice. I’m fairly sure that had he lived and seen how disproportionately poor people and people of color are being affected by the impact of climate change, he’d be in the forefront of those trying to stop this ravaging of our earth.

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    1. Actually, there was more background, but once I put the image in, my techie woes returned and the file wouldn’t allow more text. So perhaps your reaction was serendipitous. Pls see my response to previous commenters.


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