“We Have to Fight the Narrative”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHJgD-TJZvY&t=229s What Narrative? The one(s) that jeopardize our country from within, which are not just blared daily by the likes of Fox News, but are lazily amplified by what are familiarly and collectively called the “mainstream media.” The Narrative that is now spewing non-stop from Congress, where McCarthy’s Traitors in the People’s House are in … Continue reading “We Have to Fight the Narrative”

Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse

https://twitter.com/bebeneuwirth/status/1595954909001781248?s=51&t=W6b3mhjeObksR0oS3U4paw I suppose I might have seen this delightful image of humans' best friends learning a life-enhancing skill for the people they'll soon assist somewhere else, but I saw it on Twitter. And it was enriched by the exuberant comment from actress, singer, dancer Bebe Neuwirth. I didn't know Bebe Neuwirth was on Twitter, and … Continue reading Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse

Post-Election Day Musings…The Sun Begins to Shine

Photo by Darwis Alwan on Pexels.com I watched an ebullient President Biden, with spring in his steps, mount the podium Wednesday night to face the press that’s been dismissing him for so long. For an hour, he cheerily responded to questions. One commentator fondly called it an hour-long “humble-brag.” The President said he feels confident … Continue reading Post-Election Day Musings…The Sun Begins to Shine


Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com When I first heard the expression “flooding the zone," I thought it sounded somewhat conspiratorial. And it seems to be. It refers to just another Big Lie from the folks who are the experts on fabrications. Views of the elections' likely outcomes are being manipulated by a slew of … Continue reading AN EVEN BIGGER REASON TO IGNORE THE DAMN POLLS!

On the Economy, Biden Wins!

https://twitter.com/BidensWins/status/1490702636810649601?s=20&t=FJs1GAIbrOFpsyaYZdTGlQ Yes, there is actually good news. Some enterprising person is finally getting the idea that the President’s low poll numbers are in part due to a lack of proper messaging. I just began to follow @BidensWins on Twitter, which I suspect began in February. It consists of pithy little things--some for fun, some serious--that … Continue reading On the Economy, Biden Wins!