Are You Feeling Lonely? Join the Crowd

Photo by Inzmam Khan on The above title may sound flippant, but it points to a huge problem—and hints at a possible solution. On May 1, the US government released a publication entitled “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation, 2023: The US Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community.” … Continue reading Are You Feeling Lonely? Join the Crowd

Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse I suppose I might have seen this delightful image of humans' best friends learning a life-enhancing skill for the people they'll soon assist somewhere else, but I saw it on Twitter. And it was enriched by the exuberant comment from actress, singer, dancer Bebe Neuwirth. I didn't know Bebe Neuwirth was on Twitter, and … Continue reading Why I’m Still Loath to Leave the Twitterverse


If you heard that more than 89 million households worldwide had watched a particular film on Netflix during the first week after its release, you’d think something monumental was occurring, wouldn’t you? The Social Dilemma, a documentary-drama about the role of technology in our lives, garnered all those viewers. ...“Nothing vast enters the world of mortals without a curse.”