Catching Up With Jamie Raskin

  1. While the Supreme Court dithers about whether the US Postal Service can insist that an employee work on Sunday–a decision that may even further corrode our constitutional separation of church and state–Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md) weighed in with appropriate snark on yet another grievous example of this unconstitutional trend–this one in the “great state of Texas.”

2. Here is Rep. Raskin cheering on young people in Florida who were peacefully objecting to their legislators’ unwillingness to save them from gun violence–while stifling their educations and personal freedom.

3. With the admirable transparency that has marked his most recent personal challenge–diagnosis and treatment of an aggressive lymphoma–Rep. Raskin shared this moment on Twitter. He had announced that his cancer is now in remission and the likelihood is high that he will not have a relapse.

I love the gesture he makes when he rings the bell. I’ve heard him talk about how grueling the treatment has been.

His bandanna, you may recall, was given to him by another all-around terrific human, E-Street Band guitarist Stevie Van Zandt. Raskin had said “When I’m wearing it, I forget about [the illness].”

According to the Washington Post, after expressing his gratitude, he wrote that he’d say more after he’d had time to rest.

“Right now my hemoglobin and white blood cell counts are plunging from my final five-day round of chemotherapy, and I am afraid I lack the energy to properly thank you all and express the enormity of my feelings about the enduring beauty and promise of our country…So another message will be coming soon to you all when I rebound from my still-exhausted and immuno-compromised condition.”

I am so glad this selfless leader can now put his medical ordeal behind him. We need his powerful, principled voice.


23 thoughts on “Catching Up With Jamie Raskin

  1. Thanks very very much, Annie! I too was very happy to hear that Jamie Raskin’s lymphoma is in remission, and hope it is “forever”. As you know, this story really resonates with me.
    He is my/our Representative in Congress, and I think he’s been wonderful. You probably heard that Ben Cardin, our senior Senator, announced he’ll be retiring rather than run for re-election. I’d love it if Jamie Raskin would run for that seat—I’d vote for him in a millisecond!

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    1. Thank you, George. Raskin just paid tribute to Ben Cardin. That didn’t surprise me. But now your comment is making me wonder whether when he said he’ll have lots more to say when he recovers his strength, he’s planning to announce his candidacy for Cardin’s seat (!?)

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  2. Thank you for reminding us about one of the good-hearted folks who continue to work on behalf of respect, love, fairness, the rule of law, etc. (even while undergoing chemotherapy!!!)

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    1. My pleasure, Will. Since listening to him read his memoir, Unthinkable, I’ve labored under the pleasant delusion that we’re personal friends.

      Note: In my conjecture to George that I wonder if Raskin is considering a Senate run, I thought I was being a super sleuth. But I just now heard a news report that he’s being mentioned as the likely Democratic candidate for Cardin’s seat!

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  3. I so admire and respect Representative Raskin!!! Just recently finished his book, “Unthinkable” and my admiration went even deeper. I’m so glad he beat cancer, for we NEED him more than ever!!!

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      1. Yeah … while I would love to see him in the Senate, right now I think it’s important to keep every Democrat we can in the House and hopefully regain the majority there next year. Too bad we can’t just clone Jamie!!!

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  4. He is an ordinary man persevering against incredible personal adversity on a world stage where an epic battle between good and evil is raging. This makes him extraordinary.
    There are no extraordinary men… just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.
    William Halsey
    Give him a Republican gut, with his now bald head and he could be Budai.


    1. Although I respect your opinion, Richard, I disagree. The gene pools, educations, and who-knows-what else make for much more variation between ordinary and extraordinary than you and Admiral Halsey suggest, IMHO. When I read Unthinkable, I found an extraordinary man quite apart from the dreadful adversities he’s faced.

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