Here’s One of America’s Biggest Problems…

This full-page ad greeted me when I paged through The New York Times yesterday morning.

I gasped–and immediately thought of the oft-repeated angry rhetorical question that attorney Joseph Welch hurled at Senator Joseph McCarthy:

“At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Actually, there’s no evidence that Rupert Murdoch and the gang of hypocritical liars he’s assembled at Fox ever had any sense of decency.

But as they face trial beginning today in the defamation lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems filed against them, the judge hearing the case, Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis, has ruled pretrial that Dominion had already proved Fox aired false statements, and the judge will instruct the jury accordingly.

In an 80-page decision, Judge Davis wrote:

“…it [is] CRYSTAL clear that none of the Statements relating to Dominion about the 2020 election are true.

So we know enough at this point about Fox’s blatant duplicity in fomenting the Big Lie that’s upended our democracy to make it gob-smackingly disgusting that they’d have the arrogance to put this ad in The New York Times just as the trial begins. As to The Times’s willingness to accept it, well–that’s business.

Dominion has demanded a public apology. My dream scenario for the trial’s outcome is that Dominion is awarded the full $1.6 billion it’s requesting, accompanied by huge punitive damages that actually affect Murdoch’s ability to function.

Furthermore, both Rupert Murdoch and Tucker Carlson are required to visit a schoolroom and legislative chamber in every state capitol.

There, they will write on a chalkboard fifty times (once for each state):

“Joseph Biden, Jr., was elected President of the United States in November, 2020, in a free and fair election.”

“We at Fox knew the truth but kept it from our viewers for financial reasons.”

“All of us at Fox are sorry–and we promise never to lie to you again.”

Your thoughts?


35 thoughts on “Here’s One of America’s Biggest Problems…

  1. “The Washington Post” reports “The Fox ad cites YouGov as its source. The data from the survey, listed in the ad as being from “YouGov Profiles+,” don’t appear to be …”

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    1. Hi, William. Thanks. I kinda assumed that my readers would have at least a scintilla of skepticism about anything bearing Fox’s name. To be on the safe side, I’m adding the link to the Washington Post piece you referred to, which makes it clear that Fox’s use of the data is, at best, misleading: “That’s a convenient reading of the data. Americans actually trust Fox less than they trust other news outlets.”

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  2. “All of us at Fox are sorry–and we promise never to lie to you again.”

    If FOX said that, would you believe them? I wouldn’t.

    I don’t have much trust in any of the TV news. Most of them may get the facts about right (if we don’t look too closely). But they emphasize what makes good pictures rather than what is important.

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      1. But this is just the beginning, William. Symantec is right behind, and there are others. And Dominion won’t settle for anything that doesn’t require Fox to make a public apology of wrongdoing. So I’m more optimistic than you are.


      2. I knew I’d written “Symantec” somewhere; that’s wrong. It’s the Smartmatic USA case that’s coming up.
        And my optimistic about a Fox apology was obviously not validated, alas!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Neil. No, I emphatically would not believe anything Fox says, as I note in my response to William. As I wrote in the post, this is my “dream scenario.” A good dollop of public humiliation would be nice. I think it’s realistic to believe we may see some of that.

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    1. I’d like to think these ads (another in the Washington Post) serve as an additional irritant to an already irritated judge, Denise. It’s hard to understand if whoever is advising Fox legally thought this was a *good* pre-opening day gambit.


  3. Sometime today I will HAVE to write a check. I would like to believe that I cannot be MADE to do something but I would be WRONG. I admire them really, and I do owe the money even though they will waste every penny. They aren’t even armed in the American way. I will submit. Bart Simpson spends a lot of time with chalk in his hand yet seldom changes behavior. He will pay his taxes though unlike Mr. Murdock. Maybe if they had to just pay their taxes like us proles I could be happy. Maybe tomorrow when I can dream I’m free again. Lovely sentiments Dear lady! Certainly a smile worthy idea. Tax day, I didn’t hate them this much even when they wanted to kill me with Vietnam. Never put a toe in the water, just dive in.

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  4. My heart can’t take much more of this madness. I guess “All the news that’s fit to print” has nothing to do with advertising. 😖💕

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      1. Well, thank you, Fred, but in this instance, my optimism was misplaced. Fox won’t be required to make a statement acknowledging its evil-doing. I am deeply disappointed. However, there’s still the larger Smartmatic case—and a few others…


    1. Thank you, JoAnna. Dominion made what they felt was the best decision for their company, employees, and stockholders. I just wish their compelling evidence against Fox could have been more publicly validated.

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  5. And as we now know, Murdoch finally realized he didn’t stand a snowball’s chance of winning the case and thereby settled for approximately 75% of what Dominion sued for. I don’t know the rest of the details yet, but I do hope some disclaimer from now on will be required of Fox, else the lies will just keep on coming. And their faithful lapdog/viewers will keep believing the lies, much to the detriment of us all.

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      1. So many of us do, Jill. And Dominion had said that was a goal, leading us to believe it was non-negotiable. But I agree with one commentator who said it wasn’t up to them: they fulfilled their responsibilities and worked hard to uncover all the lies and bring them to light—and they beat back a serious attempt to distort the First Amendment.

        Still, Fox faces lots more litigation, and Smartmatic seems to have deeper pockets than Dominion. They’re also going after Newsmax, OANN, and other bad actors. So there’s hope.

        And Fani Willis and Jack Smith are hard at work as well.

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      2. Agreed. PLUS … it is possible that Dominion could have lost the suit if it had gone to trial, based on the ability to prove malicious intent. Some were saying that if Dominion won at trial it would be a blow to freedom of the press. I have mixed feelings on that.

        Yes, Smartmatic is suing for $2.7 billion, and I read tonight that their lawyer said they will NOT settle, that they are going to trial. So, we’ll see.

        Indeed, Fani Willis and Jack Smith are most likely going to be the ones to bring Trump down. Fingers are so tightly crossed that I believe I will have to have them surgically separated when this is all done … if it ever is!

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      3. I hadn’t heard that some saw a potential Dominion trial win as a blow to freedom of the press per se, Jill. The case against Fox seemed so strong that if Dominion proved malice, which seemed likely, it would actually strengthen the extremely high standard set forth in NY Times v Sullivan. However, that reference may have been to the worry that Fox would appeal a Dominion win all the way to the Supreme Court, where the saintly Justice Thomas and a couple of pals have said they want to scrutinize that precedent. So in that regard, the settlement deprives the SCOTUS anti-press wing of this opportunity—even though they would have had to contort themselves to use it as they’d like. But they’ve shown no shame in doing that.

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      4. I agree with you, Annie, but I can see where the case could be made. And you’re so right … if it worked its way up to the Supreme Court, it would stand to be put through the meat grinder as was Roe v Wade. Sigh. It’s a very sad day when we no longer have trust in the highest court in the land.

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  6. That was a brilliant solution Annie! I was surprised that Dominion settled out of court., even though the amount was huge. I don’t see Fox changing their tune any time soon. I actually had to read the Fox statement a couple of times to see if it acknowledged wrong but it was so wishy-washy it didn’t seem to.

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    1. Thanks, Joni. Yes; I was sorry Dominion didn’t hold out for a clear Fox acknowledgment of wrongdoing. But they decided what was best for their company, and they’ve suffered economically for years now. They needed a cash infusion now.

      The law firm that represented Dominion has six more related cases to litigate, and they won’t even be the ones handling the Smartmatic USA case ahead, in which that company is seeking $2.7 billion from Fox.

      So we must hope that over time, some truth will seep through the powerful wall that Fox has constructed—even if it’s drip by drip.

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      1. Good thing for Murdock that settlements like baseball players get cheaper every year. He got paid WHAT!


  7. I just can’t believe those statistics are true. Even Fox’s anchors don’t believe the things they say! It was a shame that Tucker et al. didn’t take the stand, but the settlement was still wonderful to read about.

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    1. The data are rather Foxian, or distorted, at the very least, Matthew. In my response to commenter William, I appended a link to a Washington Post article that points out, for one thing, that the percentages add up to 148%. Essentially, Fox was comparing its diehard viewers to groups of viewers with diverse perspectives who check out varying sources.

      Although we had hopes of a riveting trial, we know there’s plenty ahead. The attorney for Smartmatic, an international company, said they plan to follow through on their $2.7 billion suit against Fox–and won’t settle. And there are other suits as well.

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