“This Spot Is Reserved for You”

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Pexels.com

Chubby the Barber confirms online.
“Your appointment is at 11 am,” notes the email.
“This spot is reserved for you.”
“Please be prompt.”

Chubby the Barber is no longer there.
Retired, deceased, snipping and shaving
In Maui?
The new Chubby is Ariana.
She is not chubby, my spouse reports.

He has brought her a half-wreath
Of lengthy, wavy, silver locks,
Which have followed gravity and mostly,
Now, reside in the vicinity of his neck,
Where they lend a touch of brio.

She shears them short, shorter, shorter still.
She’s careful in her work.
He’s pleased with her attention to hygiene.
Lacking vanity, he’s pleased with the
Utilitarian results.

He’s more comfortable now.
I am glad he is comfortable.
Time is on the side of brio,
I tell myself—and smile.


23 thoughts on ““This Spot Is Reserved for You”

  1. At least the non-chubby new Chubby is apparently as capable as TFC (the former Chubby). Once the hair starts becoming a half-wreath, vanity is hard to keep up — utilitarian maintenance is the best we can hope for.

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  2. BRIO Abstractive summarization models are commonly trained using maximum likelihood estimation, which assumes a deterministic (onepoint) target distribution in which an ideal
    model will assign all the probability mass to the reference summary.
    I always had a Nixon beard and had to shave twice a day, a warriors task. I only had my haircut once a year though and when I retired shaving took a new schedule. The wife hates the beard and learning is always new I found a shop run by two lovely Asian women and learned of a thing called a shave and a haircut. I’m on a biannual schedule and am wishing for a shave but I’ve had an afro since the sixties and it hasn’t bloomed yet.

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      1. Like the brio, the bangs will return as you like them! A witty friend once said of another hair experience that sometimes goes awry: “If there’s one thing about permanents…it’s that they’re temporary!”

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