O, California!

Photo by zoe pappas on Pexels.com

Such promise in your Golden Gates
Such fortunes panned from your Golden Soil
Such allure wrapped within your Golden Glamour

Your rivers once parched beyond recognition
Greedily assuage their thirst with the perverse
Bounty of Floodwaters rising, rising

I can’t get past the missing five-year-old boy,
Wrenched from his mother’s arms by
This pernicious lifeblood life-thief.

Furies ravaging your forests now abated,
While humans sans homes or baths
Are washed off sidewalks in your cities

A high school classmate heard your siren song,
Followed hope and went West,
Barely survived one of your Earth Shatters.

And that was long ago, in Calmer Times.

O, California!
We must heed the strained song of our
Giant Sunny Golden Canary,
And search within and without for respite and repair.


15 thoughts on “O, California!

  1. A frightful mix of flame and flood, a wholly novel curse;
    It’s fitting, thus, that you observe this baleful change in verse.
    When I dwelt in the Golden State, of “weather” no one spoke;
    Your worthy words these sad abominations well evoke.

    Can any silver lining in the floody clouds be seen?
    Are poo-paved San Francisco streets, for now, at least, washed clean?
    Small recompense for those who saw their houses swept away!
    Come quick, windmills and solar — keep more climate change at bay.

    Seriously, this is excellent, evocative poetry. A “perverse bounty of floodwaters” indeed, after the fires. It’s a bizarre transformation for the place which used to have the most stable climate in the country.

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    1. You’d think the severity might lead to more action, right? Well, the Democrats have made strides recently, but we know what to expect from the fossil fuel devotees now running the House.


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