Amid the Awfulness: A Bit of Fun…

There’s a great deal that’s concerning about the 118th Congress.

For example,

–I heard a discussion about the national security implications of the world’s seeing the Republicans’ fiasco in choosing a Speaker as a sign of our weakness. Foes have been emboldened; friends have been jolted. President Biden’s reminder that when he first met with our allies and said “America is back,” their question was “for how long?” presses in on us once again.

–Last night, with frightening near-unanimity, the House Republicans voted to support a draconian set of rules that enshrines all sorts of bad faith efforts to come.

–My hopes were dashed by the rules vote that there might be six “sane” Republicans willing to show (purely out of self-interest) that they won’t follow McCarthy and the Insurrectionists down this new rabbit hole.

–Worse still, there’s apparently a secret three-page addendum giving even more lawmaking/lawbreaking power to those who most want to destroy our government.

This is all very disturbing.

We are fortunate to have President Biden and the Senate Democrats as a buffer against the dreadful anti-government onslaught. For our part, we must consistently make our representatives aware—as we did in November—that we will not tolerate the chaos.

I am also trying to retain my sense of humor about the absurdity of it all. When I saw the “Bad Lip Readers” tweet below, its silliness made me laugh. I watched it again with my eyes on the speakers’ lips and laughed again. And again. I laugh every time I watch it.

Somehow, I find it cathartic. It won’t make the next two years pass more quickly, but in moving the pettiness into a different realm, it makes them seem more transitory.

What do you think about any or all of this?


25 thoughts on “Amid the Awfulness: A Bit of Fun…

  1. Other countries are wise to be cautious. Foreign policy is mostly under executive-branch control, but if Trump got elected once, someone like him could get elected in the future. And Congress’s control of expenditures means the House Republicans will be able to cause some trouble, such as with aid to Ukraine after September, and dealing with any other emergencies that come up.

    The fact is, having a large and electorally-influential minority of nihilistic fruitloops does make the US less reliable. The other major democracies need to rely more on their own resources and become more independent. No single country, however large, is indispensable. It’s a substantial change from how things have been since 1945, but that’s the reality of the situation.

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    1. Yes, Infidel: I must sadly concur that
      the “nihilistic fruitloops” make us less reliable, and I worry what impact that will have not only on US national security, but also elsewhere in a world in which democracy is being seriously challenged.

      Does your use of fruitloops suggest that you viewed the “Bad Lip Reading” clip—but didn’t think it was worth mentioning?

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  2. I watched it and laughed out loud. Later it was tagged at the end of another article and I thought “I’ve already seen it” but watched it anyway and laughed out loud again! Hey man! Your going to pay for dinner!

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      1. You know how I like to muse on whether it is good or bad. Comedy is going to kill us! I would sit through five more like days of Congress if we could get another video like that out of it. I was looking for some popcorn but only found some Oreos. They are trying to kill me.


      2. No value in putting a toe into cold water, best to dive in. The military calls it “embrace the suck”. These guys are just insecure bullies, ridicule is a very potent weapon.

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