The Jan. 6 Committee Referrals: A Belt-and-Suspenders Case* for the DOJ (Acrostic)

A nd now we wait…

B ecause nine thoughtful, careful, patriotic
E lected officials have sent the DOJ a
L ayered litany of criminal charges
T hat exceeded expectations…

A ssembled support for statutes—
N otably Inciting an Insurrection—so
D amning to Donald and cronies that

S everal experts point out the
U nusual diversity of options.
S ummoning armed zealots
P rimed to hang his veep,
E ssentially silent for hours,
N ote: Inciting, Aiding, Comforting, and
D efrauding US through false claims, fake
E lectors, aided by members of
R epublicans’ misnamed Freedom Caucus,
S ought to stage a

C oup that was orchestrated and
A dvanced by attorneys, not
S oldiers.* Also
E nunciating Obstruction of Congress, the Committee

F reights its charges with evidence
O f crimes galore to pick and choose;
R endering exclusion from future ballots

T he apex for Trump’s accountability.
H ope with caution is warranted now: the
E ndurance of this nation of laws

D epends upon you and colleagues for
O ur democracy’s future,
J ack Smith!


* From “The Jan. 6 Committee Just Made History. Here’s What That Means for Prosecutors,” Guest Essay in The New York Times (Dec. 19, 2022).

9 thoughts on “The Jan. 6 Committee Referrals: A Belt-and-Suspenders Case* for the DOJ (Acrostic)

  1. Very good Annie! I just don’t understand what is taking the DOJ so long when there is so much compelling evidence. I hope the new year brings swift action. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

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    1. Thank you, Joni. Apart from Merrick Garland’s slow start, which some former prosecutor commentators have attributed to his thinking more like the judge he’s been for years than the prosecutor he was decades ago, the Jan. 6 case is a huge, sprawling mess—and deciding which charges are most likely to hold up in court and are backed with evidence to convince a jury is laborious and time-consuming. DOJ can’t just take the committee’s transcripts: they must do their own interviewing and confirm anything that was hearsay evidence from the committee. The Mar-a-Lago indictments should come sooner.

      Sending you—and your mom—holiday wishes too!

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    1. Thanks very much, Roger. I enjoy acrostics and have done a number of them about politics. Pretty soon, I shall put categories and years on my blog to make it more user-friendly!

      All the best to you and Sheila. Merry Christmas and a new-improved New Year!

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