OH, NO, DONALD…!?!??!


The FBI is seeking information about other Insurrectionists not yet apprehended. Capitol Violence Images are found at www.fbi.gov.



Trump made the above comment, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson told the January 6 Committee, in December, 2020, when the Supreme Court Justices [he was sure he had bought] said they wouldn’t take his case, effectively ending his belief that the courts would save him.

Well, the Supreme Court just did it again–refusing to consider his Mar-a-Lago case appeal, which demanded on a flimsy technicality that the Special Master be required to review the classified documents Trump stole.

I think those words–“embarrassing” and “we lost”–are emblematic of what has driven this damaged and dangerous man who plotted to steal the election well before it was held. Sure, power, greed, and corruption are all factors. But we have now seen and heard the words that he finds most crippling.

Does any of this matter today? Maybe not. His path of destruction continues.

Still, I hope there are many people who will be angry enough or disillusioned enough to say “ENOUGH!” And ever the optimist, I wonder whether some deluded souls may be jolted off the madness train by hearing his “embarrassing” admission that “we lost.”

He may have created the Big Liars/election deniers, but we have the power to tell them to go to hell.

VOTE early, make sure your friends and family vote too, and together we can further diminish this tiny man who constantly needs to inflate himself by spewing lies to get crowd approval–and we can deny election to the lying political opportunists who have tied themselves to him and his base and have zero interest in improving life for their would-be constituents.

Don’t let fatigue and/or apathy or the economy (which will be worse under the Republicans; it always is) persuade you to sit this one out. Don’t take the chance that you’ll hugely regret you could have made a difference and just didn’t bother to vote.

Vote early if you can, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. For assistance, keep these resources handy: vote.org, and The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Election Protection hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683). “The hotline is LIVE weekdays from 10 am-5 pm EST and will expand hours to evenings and weekends as Election Day approaches.”


20 thoughts on “OH, NO, DONALD…!?!??!

  1. He’s a narcissist. For him, his feelings are the sum total of the real world, and everything outside himself exists only to give him validation. When it fails to do so, then it, not he, is wrong and needs to be fixed.

    Most of those election-denialist politicians themselves know deep down that the election was valid. They maintain the pose because they’re afraid of the Trump-idolizing part of their voting base — they’ve seen what happens to Republicans who don’t kowtow to Trump’s fantasies. The courage to speak the truth is in very short supply among them. If and when Trump dies and/or the Republican masses lose interest in him, this election-denial problem will pretty much evaporate, but not before.

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    1. For sure, Infidel. I like that line “When it fails to do so, then it, not he, is wrong and needs to be fixed.”

      I fear trumpism will be with us long after he’s gone, unfortunately. There are too many “mini-he” characters like DeSantis just salivating for power. But if Americans resoundingly reject these opportunistic Big Liars, perhaps we can isolate them and make them history.

      And few people talk enough about dark money and the need for campaign finance reform. The Republican deep pockets seem all in for DeSantis at this point. Deregulation and ending the “administrative state” are their goals. The culture wars are means to those ends. Democracy is, to them, a hindrance.

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    2. “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” Douglas Adams
      After a worldwide disaster this statement was required to be engraved on every part manufactured on the planet. It should be understood that DJT is insane but to estimate what that really means is not within an ordinary understanding. Vlad Dracul was born around 1430, they still look for his grave.
      Since I don’t really like him or his ilk I don’t care that he be fixed but I don’t see anyone trying. Besides his spawn has already been hard at work and they have been breeding also.

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      1. As I like to think I have a good heart, Richard, I generally would hope that “he” could be fixed. But in this case, I believe such fixing must be for our nation’s sake—not his. It involves holding him accountable for his most grievous crimes in a way that makes it impossible for him to have any power and diminishes his voice to the lowest possible decibel forever.

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  2. Given that he began plotting to “just say we won” and to overturn the election as early as late October, I think not only did he know he lost, but knew he was going to lose even before election day. The walls, I think, are beginning to close in on him, and also his son-in-law. Good enough for them. I don’t know if any of this will awaken the fools who still claim to believe the Big Lie, but I hope so. The girls and I all received our postal ballots today and will be voting this weekend, taking them to the ballot drop box on Sunday!

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    1. Yes, Jill; he knew he was doing badly early on—and being a loser is clearly intolerable. As for the Big Liars, we simply must resoundingly defeat them.

      Glad Team Dennison is about to exercise your superpowers nice and early!

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  3. Thank you for your blog posts! It is humbling to see what a fear of embarrassment/humiliation can drive a person to do… and all of the myriad and hugely significant repercussions that this fear has set into motion. I am guessing that a lot of MAGA followers would be similarly embarrassed/ashamed to realize/accept/admit that they have been grifted (for their life savings in some cases!!!) by this damaged man — and thus will remain loyal to his insane worldview (where truth no longer matters, where family values no longer matter, where respect for science and public health and our accelerating climate catastrophe no longer matter) and his disrespectful leadership/ideology/way of moving through the world for many moons to come…. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. I am waiting to receive my mail-in ballot and have been writing postcards and letters to potential voters in PA and NC for months and months. We shall see how the next month unfolds… Another deep breath in. And deep breath out!

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    1. Thanks so much for this wise response, Will. I think you’re probably right that the millions who have fallen for his con include many/most (?) who would have a tough time acknowledging their mistakes. So glad you’ve been engaged in the civic goodness of writing postcards and letters—I’m right there with you!

      And, I, too, am doing a lot of deep breathing—always helpful, now necessary for maintaining equilibrium in these tense times.

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    2. I don’t like roller coasters. I think your breathing techniques will be useful for more efficient screaming on the drop which I hope ends in a sharp twisting turn to the left.

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  4. My goodness, such a charged and important time. Thanks for the info, Annie. I’m holding my breath when I know, I know, I should be breathing mindfully!

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