Who Could Take Down the Felon-in-Waiting? Librarians!

From an Occupied Democrats Facebook posting

Stephen Colbert’s wise and witty observation warms my heart.

If the National Archives and Records Administration’s informing the Justice Department about all those missing super-secret documents leads to the indictment and conviction of the former guy for violating the Espionage Act, among others, we’ll be seeing Karma raised to the highest levels.

This is a guy who doesn’t read. I can imagine one of few infractions/laws he’s never committed was a failure to pay library fines for overdue books. He’s led his loyal anti-truth followers who now engage in book banning, attacking librarians and teachers and others dedicated to thinking and learning.

One can only hope that Lady Justice will swoop in–in the form of a librarian–and tell this awful man who’s done so much damage to our country: “S-H-H-H-H-H! Quiet! You can’t come in here any more. Ever!”


23 thoughts on “Who Could Take Down the Felon-in-Waiting? Librarians!

  1. And because he doesn’t read, he’ll never grasp the irony, or “karma”, or even the very fact that such concepts exist. He’ll never grasp that his own actions led to his downfall. He exists in a cramped and limited mental universe that has no place for such ideas, or really for ideas at all. It only has room for immediate practical things and his vast junkyard of resentments and vendettas. Win or lose, he’ll always be in a kind of prison of his own making — as he always has been.

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    1. “…his vast junkyard of resentments and vendettas” and “a kind of prison of his own making…” Among the zillions of words used to describe him, I think these are some of the most piercing and apt, Infidel.

      Now we must hope that before long, that prison of his own making has barred windows and padlocked doors.

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    2. Trump may be in a prison of his own making, but he’s brought tens of millions in with him. If we thought prisons were overcrowded before, Trump has set a whole new bar (figuratively speaking). Now he needs to be behind bars LITERALLY!

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  2. He used to read. He has ideas and they are mostly stolen. Like Mick implores, “Have a little sympathy”!
    Maybe someone has got it but I for one am still mightily puzzled as to the nature of his game.

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    1. Seems to me, Richard, that his “game” is power and money and the glorification of trump—the rest of the world be damned. No laws, no rules, no norms, no conscience. The horrific part is that he’s been this way for 40 years; yet here we are.

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      1. “Seems,” madam? Nay, it is; I know not “seems.” WS
        Insanity does not have the same set of rules that the sane follow. I doubt that anyone has ever seen the “real” Donald. He has had “power and money” but to what end?
        The only thing I have ever wanted was to be underestimated. Hubris kills!

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  3. Ray Bradbury had some thoughts of a library’s power.
    F451 “There must be something in books, something we can’t imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don’t stay for nothing.”
    From a man who watched when all others were elsewhere in SWTWC “When rivers flooded, when fire fell from the sky, what a fine place the library was, the many rooms, the books. With luck, no one found you. How could they!–when you were off to Tanganyika in ’98, Cairo in 1812, Florence in 1492!?”
    The Zulu I believe believed that banishment from the tribe was a fate worse than death.

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  4. This gets me to thinking of recent widespread speculation about the informant. That would be the one who told authorities that eyes-only, more classified than top-secret, documents were kept in a dangerously unsecured storage closet.

    I’m imagining a 007 adventure character, ready to face any danger:
    a secret librarian spy, planted by the National Archives.

    “The name is Decimal.
    “Dewey Decimal.”

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    1. Ah, yes! And may Dewey Decimal provide such a mountain of evidence that the DOJ is able to throw all the books at tfg—and he’s removed from circulation for good!

      Thanks for your comment!


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