A Couple of Garden Haikus

One feathery…

Resplendent Cardinal
Straddles bough with family
Feeds babe, Mom looks on.

Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com

(I wish you could have seen Mom; she looked around as if to say, “As soon as this is done, I’m outta here.”)

The other furry…

Brown rabbit pauses
White-footed gray cat snoozes
Shared spot, different days.

Photo by Steffi Wacker on Pexels.com

(Though I like the rigors of Haiku, my verbiage couldn’t capture the incredible coincidence: What was it about a single location in an otherwise apparently similar expanse of grass that caused two unrelated mammals to light there on succeeding days? Was it merely coincidence? Or was there something they were privy to that I am not?)

Ah, the wonders of Nature!


13 thoughts on “A Couple of Garden Haikus

  1. The whistle pig lay
    The slightest gash in the head
    T’was the reddest red

    After short lament
    We chucked him into the copse
    where he once was safe

    Upon this road again
    a pancake of skin and bone
    over the red spot

    Oh I wonder how
    a hairless meatless carcass
    it’s place of death return

    Ripley territory here but I didn’t know what a garden haiku until I googled it after reading the post. I passed 70 yesterday and this is the first ever for me. I thought about the grislier aspects of our nature story but a triple coincident.

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      1. Thank you! Being under considerable pressure ATM to explore our patch of nature. Eisenstein’s theory that postulates that what you see depends totally upon where you stand. It was in a light rain that we found the pigskin early in our trek so we hung it in a tree to wash/dry and a bit later we stood under a Mimosa tree in bloom practically swooning in perfume. I try to imagine what the boy that sees with his nose must think. ALL nature is beautiful even the destruction, you just need to know where to stand.
        I like this place you built.

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  2. Clearly the best way
    To praise a two-mammal spot:

    Yet its brevity
    Befits not explanation,
    But feelings only.

    (Actually, the act of writing haiku is called hiking — right?)

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    1. OT but I went to a link you posted Intelligent Life Really Can’t Exist Anywhere Else which they gleaned from studying the one place they know it happened. It made me think what is one divided by infinity? They say you never forget calculus. Turns out it approaches zero. So math proves them right. But if you substitute the one with 10 billion it also approaches zero. My dog thinks humans are easy marks, not yet time to go all in on that intelligent life thing.
      I think we agree that Dunning-Kruger is a problem for both the smart and the dumb.


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