We’ve All Just Gotta Hang In There…

In my severely dog-deprived state,
First thoughts of that photo, I’ll relate,
Were that I’d dognap her right away–
And also double her doggie pay!

But broadly thinking about these times
That try our souls, I reach for rhymes.
The furry gymnast now says, with care,
“We’ve all just gotta hang in there!”

Please let your imagination roam
In responding to this little poem;
I’d love to hear your own reaction:
What do you think should be the caption?


22 thoughts on “We’ve All Just Gotta Hang In There…

  1. After many years of many dogs, we had a doggie dry spell of a couple of years when I felt dog deprived. Now I have one dog who is “a lot of dog.” Our 6 year old high energy husky/pit mix keeps us on our toes. It’s like having a teenager again. Hanging in and hanging on!

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    1. I saw a picture of your “teenager” on your blog. Our late and still much-lamented collie/shepherd was also “a lot of dog.” Hanging in and hanging on for sure!!

      And welcome to annieasksyou. It’s good to be connected!

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    1. With all I’m paying her, she’s getting tips I didn’t know about—and secreting them under her brand-new rhinestone collar? This deserves some investigation. Thanks for the “tip,” Carol.

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  2. It’s strange that in this house there stands a pole;
    Why is it there? I guess it serves some goal.
    Still odder is it that the doggie clings;
    Its pose is not a normal state of things.

    Perhaps a fearsome kitten stalks the floor?
    Perhaps a stranger just walked in the door?
    Perhaps its owner, aiming for a laugh,
    Trained it to climb, to take this photograph?

    It’s canines’ pure good fortune to know naught
    Of politics, inflation, wars being fought.
    If houndlessness torments you, then it’s clear
    You long for their oblivious good cheer.

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    1. I see, my wise friend Infidel,
      You’ve deeply plumbed this shallow well:
      Within these rhymes are politics
      Brushing up with metaphysics,
      Concluding with psychology
      Addressed to doggie-deprived me.
      Good cheer? Oh yes; goodbye demons
      I’d rather have a dog than be one!

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      1. I’m pretty sure my shriveled, compromised soul would not be able to fill a dog.
        Just reading, I don’t find a donate button.

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  3. Since I haven’t your talent for rhyme and poetry, I will only say that you made me laugh with this post … a much-needed laugh!!! The pole-dancing doggie stole my heart! As for a caption … only thing I can come up with it “I hope there are no undercover agents in the house”

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  4. Well now, she’s an adorable pup but I’m not a fan of dogs being trained for silly amusements. Not their nature. How is it that a dog can’t just be a dog but has to perform fruitless activities?

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