The January 6th Committee Hearings Are Must-See TV!

Next hearing: Thursday, June 16th, 1 pm ET.

Here’s a veryvery brief summary of the Second Hearing:

—All Trump’s aides told him he was losing
—Drunken Rudy told him to declare victory
—He went with drunken Rudy

—All the courts told him he’d lost
—Judges he’d appointed told him to stop frivolous lawsuits
—He kept suing

And then…

—Campaign sent millions of requests for $$ for non-existent defense fund
—Raked in $250 million from small-dollar true believers
—Created “Save America Pac” to fight non-existent election fraud
—Trump et al misled supporters about where funds went
The Big Lie fueled the Big Rip-Off

To Be Continued…

This is truly “Must-See TV.” If you can’t watch Thursday, June 16, 1 pm ET, catch a summary later or watch on YouTube or Twitter. You don’t have to sign on to Twitter: just search for @January6thCmte. The Committee staff does a fine job of delivering the hearings in chunks.

Note: The hearing that was planned for Wednesday, June 15, has been postponed; the date for that session has not yet been announced. A spokesperson attributed the delay ‘to a number of scheduling factors, including production timeline and availability of members and witnesses.”

That hearing’s topic is the attempt to “corruptly” use the Department of Justice, which led to threats by some officials to resign, and may touch on members of Congress who sought Presidential pardons for their role in the attempted coup, reported CNBC.


22 thoughts on “The January 6th Committee Hearings Are Must-See TV!

    1. I really think he’ll finally get his comeuppance, Neil. I heard a commentator last night talk about all the fallout from the Jan 6 Committee’s findings: they’ll give lots of folks who have suffered threats due to trump’s arousing his hate-filled followers the grounds to sue him. These are election workers and the like. Suits could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars—and could ruin him. This is in addition to all the potential criminal charges. Here’s link:

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  1. It’s disheartening to listen to these government officials (I believe they take an oath?) speaking now, but said nothing at the time? This committee is doing an amazing job.

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    1. I agree, Fred—with both your points. Bill Barr is jolly and sanctimonious now, but he set the stage for the fraud claims early on. And he wrote a glowing farewell letter to trump and said when his book came out that he’d vote for him if he runs again.

      And Stepien, who talked about his own honesty, is running campaign of Liz Cheney’s primary opponent, a Big Liar.

      Yes, I think the Committee’s work has been extraordinary. And I think it may make a difference!


  2. Rep. Zoe Lofgren went on the TV after day 2 and seemed surprised that the big ripoff was the story. She brought it up as the prime method which with Mango Mussolini spread his lie though the millions of donor requests sent.
    It complicates things when you go in with warrant to look for guns and you find cocaine.

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    1. Surprise or not, in the concatenation of awfulness, this fresh evidence about trump the grifter may—just may—reach some of those swindled who’d otherwise reject the narrative. Can’t hurt having it out there, methinks.


  3. Thanks, Annie! Due to a maintenance crew in and out for two hours trying to repair our non-functioning air-conditioning, I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s hearing, but (touch wood) I should be able to on Thursday. So, thanks for your succinct summation!

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      1. I will definitely check it out, Annie! Thanks! Yes, I saw today that it will be at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday … makes it easier for me to watch then, so hopefully no ‘circumstances beyond my control’ will crop up!

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    1. Not only Democrats, I hope. Properly messaged, these hearings, abortion, and gun safety should be enough to rise against the noise. It’s on us to make that happen.


  4. I’m finding it fascinating Annie….but then I’ve recently watched a 50 year TV special on Watergate….my how politicians sense of ethics and responsibility has changed.

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