An Alternative Replacement Theory…

From a 2019 series of tweets

Did you know that “they” are paying their life savings to smugglers, traveling long distances under dangerous and horrific conditions, risking deportation when they reach the US—all because they are so desperate to cast a fraudulent vote?

This is the newest Republican 100% false scare tactic to persuade Americans to vote against their own self-interests. (If you did “know” it, you need better sources of information—pronto!)

One of the most evil and sad continuing stories in this Nation of Immigrants is the relentless Republican effort to scapegoat migrants–who include many refugees fleeing for their lives—in their efforts to frighten voters.

In recent months, this false narrative has overtly taken an even uglier and more dangerous turn as it has morphed into the white supremacist “replacement theory,” asserting such alleged voter fraud is part of the plot to deprive “white America” of its right to keep the country as they believe it should be. Tragically for our nation, it is now being mouthed by what used to be considered “conservative/establishment” Republicans.

This claim that the Democrats have purportedly engineered the entry of swarms of immigrants into the US so they can commit voter fraud is another preposterous variation of the Big Lie–and it is evidence of projecting their thoughts on the Democrats. (Notice that all the actual findings of voter fraud have been traced to Republicans?)

They buttress their fear-mongering by depicting migrants as wanton killers and other hardened criminals. This contention is a canard. In fact, a report by the conservative Cato Institute stated that in Texas, “…the little evidence that does exist shows that illegal immigrants have a crime rate far below that of native-born Americans, but higher than legal immigrants.”

Got that? A ranking of criminal acts—in Texas, no less—places native-born Americans first.

The punitive measures of the Trump administration—the horrors of separating families, some who will never be reunited, and the false promise of a protective wall that Mexico would pay for—are a stain on our country.

The people flocking to our borders are desperate, and no wall will stop them.

If that wasn’t clear enough before, we now have evidence from a portion of the wall that was actually built in California. Trump signed an executive order in 2017 to replace 406 miles of barriers that had been between 6 and 17 feet high with a steel barrier that was 30 feet high—and added 49 miles of new barrier at that height.

The impact? The authors of an article in JAMA Surgery wrote recently that the media had declared the new 30-ft wall “unclimbable.” What actually happened was that deaths and severe injuries increased from people trying to climb that wall.

Reports of migrants suffering injuries or deaths in their efforts to reach the US aren’t new, but the injuries reported were more traumatic, and this is the first documentation directly attributed to a man-made obstacle. In addition to the human toll, these statistics point to millions of dollars in expenses for hospital services.

So the taxpayers who paid to build the wall are now also paying for the care of those who sought to breach it. (It’s worth noting that we taxpayers include immigrants, both legal and illegal, who paid a total of $330.7 billion in federal taxes and $161.7 billion in combined state and local taxes in 2019.)

To what end?

As Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, said:

“Show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”

I am not dismissing or minimizing the dangers of drug, arms, and human traffickers; the response to them must obviously be rigorous and unrelenting.

Immigration is a difficult issue at best, complicated by climate change and the social dislocation and other upheavals it creates. But the Republicans’ tirades have made it impossible for our legislators to seek solutions to the legitimate problems that must be addressed.

Our lack of a well-thought-out policy means that in addition to the Dreamers, several hundred thousand kids who have grown up in the US and are legally here under their parents’ renewable green card work visas are in danger of being deported to countries they’ve never known when they become 21. This is both cruel and nutty.

President Biden has sought a humane approach that’s in keeping with our nation’s needs. We know we have a dearth of workers now. There are too few workers for the available jobs. Most of those seeking entry simply want to work and support their families. They aren’t displacing anyone. We should be welcoming them.

The Biden administration has said it’s working to update DACA, the Dreamers provision. But when Homeland Security head Alejandro N. Mayorkas was asked by the House Judiciary Committee recently whether his department would be addressing the plight of young people in danger of deportation because of a green card visa backlog, he responded that responsibility for documented youths would fall to Congress, where there remains what a spokesman called “the imperative to pass immigration reform.”

The Build Back Better bill that passed the House in 2021 had several provisions that would have dealt with green cards, but it failed in the Senate. At this point, although a bipartisan group of senators has been meeting to see what immigration reform measures might reach the 60-vote threshold required for Senate passage, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a leader in this effort, said there is “zero” chance for passage in this session.

That must not be encouraging news to the President, whose campaign promise was for comprehensive reform and a pathway to citizenship, as surging numbers of people try to gain entry into the US–while the opposition party wraps itself in the white supremacist robes of the replacement theory.

Unless we are Indigenous people, every one of us is just generations away from being an immigrant. Desperate people seeking better lives for their families are not the villains. Politicians who use lies and fear to make us forget our own origins—and theirs—are.

These politicians, lining up either to embrace the replacement theory or refusing to condemn it, must be called to account. There should be no place in the halls of Congress for people who express such blatantly neo-Nazi garbage.

And if they’re incapable of doing anything constructive about this big and very important American issue—insisting solely upon demonizing people to hold on to power—they should be replaced by politicians who are willing not only to condemn this vicious ideology but also to compromise on immigration reform that will move us forward.

That’s my replacement theory.


20 thoughts on “An Alternative Replacement Theory…

  1. I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood as a third-generation white American on one side and too many generations to go back (sometime in the 18th century) on the other side. My neighbors-from Post WW2 Europe, Asia and Latin America-were wonderful people. During my entire adult life I’ve taught the children of immigrants and I’m fluent in Spanish. My current neighbors are mostly multi-generational Vietnamese families. Again, wonderful people working hard for their American Dream. I think a certain part of our country has gone completely bonkers.

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    1. I really appreciate your comment, LInn, and I have great admiration for the work you’ve done. Your observations about immigrant families should be self-evident. I get so frustrated by the appeals to hate and fear on the part of what was not so long ago a political party that would at least try to reach bipartisan immigration reform.

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    1. They’re certainly alien to what they used to claim they stood for. I keep thinking of Madeleine Albright’s conclusion in “On Fascism:” she urges us to engage people we disagree with, even though doing that is uncomfortable. I think she’s probably right, but it seems like such a formidable challenge at this point.

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    1. I’d love to think you’re right. But a Gallup poll in April showed very high concern about immigration. Unfortunately, hate and fear sell, while the harder task—to try to govern and reach compromise—appears nowhere in the Republican’s playbook.

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  2. I always think of the undeniable richness that immigration brings to a country as well. If you’re ever so inclined, there is a wonderful book called ‘Bloody Foreigners’ by Robert Winder which charts migration into the UK. Fantastic read.

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    1. Thank you so much, Matthew, for pointing out what you aptly call “the undeniable richness” resulting from immigration. I’m very glad that you and LInn (above) stressed the huge gift we all get from immigration. And I’ll definitely put Winder’s book on my list!

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    1. This worried optimist must say
      Justice may well still seize the day;
      If the 1/6 findings “blow off the roof”
      (That’s Jamie Raskin’s uttered truth)
      And DOJ, now in this fight
      Presents a case that’s found airtight,
      The former guy may get his due
      With hair and garb both orange hue.
      But if no prison bars await,
      A lotta trouble will be his fate.

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  3. Annie, as an American voter, I remain utterly amazed that a party that once stood for something now has no platform as one was not brought up at the RNC 2020 convention, that perpetuates bumper sticker slogans to appease a base and continues to lie for a former president as a right of passage to get his endorsement. As conservative pundit Michael Gerson said, “the Republican Party is in decay.” By the way, I was pleased to see the Australia voters kick the conservatives to the curb saying climate change and integrity are important. That is what replacement looks like. Keith

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    1. Thanks, Keith. Actually, the Republicans have revealed a platform; it’s just so toxic for voters that they’re running away from it.

      Sen. Rick Scott, whom Florida voters have seen fit to elect despite his Medicare/Medicaid fraud involvement, is now responsible for getting more Rs elected to the Senate. But oops: his 11-point plan for his party includes tax increases on low-and- moderate income folks and essentially destroying programs like Medicare and Social Security.

      No wonder wily ole Mitch says when asked about the party’s platform that we’ll find out once the Rs regain control. Good grief!

      I hope American voters are discerning about the dangers of voting for anyone in the party you have admirably disavowed. They want power and the spoils that come with it, thrive on chaos, fear, and hatred—and governing in the public interest is no longer a goal.

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    1. Yes, “they”—immigrants—“is us.” But Pogo was talking about “the enemy.” The scary thing is that Insurrectionists believing the Big Lie think they’re the protectors of what’s right and true and good.


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