On the Economy, Biden Wins!

Yes, there is actually good news.

Some enterprising person is finally getting the idea that the President’s low poll numbers are in part due to a lack of proper messaging. I just began to follow @BidensWins on Twitter, which I suspect began in February. It consists of pithy little things–some for fun, some serious–that Biden takes appropriate credit for. Example: after Trump endorsed “JD Mandel,” conflating the names of the two Republican candidates for the Senate in Ohio, @BidensWins tweeted: “I only endorse a candidate whose name I can remember. That’s a Biden Win.

Today I came across a bunch of data, some of which appeared here and there on @BidensWins, arranged in what I found a powerful and convincing presentation. You can see the entire thread on Twitter even if you’re not signed on.

Credit goes to Simon Rosenberg, a political strategist and founder of NDN (New Democrat Network) and the New Policy Institute, who notes that these charts and analyses were part of the April showing of “With Democrats Things Get Better.”

The above link will take you to an invitation to view an updated version on May 13th. It also includes a number of other links helpful to anyone who really wants to understand what’s going on economically–information we rarely see in the mainstream media.

The beginning tweet reads:

“Friends, perhaps the most important least understood story in American politics today is how well the US economy performs under Dems, and how poorly it performs under Rs. Read this thread. Learn the data. Help us tell this story. It matters.” (emphases mine throughout)

The next chart shows that of the 44 million jobs created since 1989, 42 million–96%–have come under Democratic Presidents. In Biden’s first 15 months, four times as many jobs have been created as were created under the last 3 GOP Presidents combined.


“But by month, Biden job creation is 50 times that of those last 3 GOP Presidents. 50 times.” (Recovering from the pandemic is a factor, of course, but I’m sure it’s not that huge a factor.)

Succeeding graphs document additional signs of our economy’s historic vitality:

–More than 5 million job openings than unemployed people in US today

–Manufacturing job openings near an all time high

–“Biden is the 3rd consecutive Dem President to have dramatically lowered the annual deficit. Clinton even got us to surplus.”

–“The last 3 GOP Presidents saw the deficit explode on their watch. Under Trump it grew more than any President since WWII.” cbsnews.com.

–“Biden is the third consecutive Dem President to have seen unemployment drop significantly on their watch. It has risen under the last 3 GOP Presidents…”

Inflation. Looking at the 8.5% overall rise and 8.8% for food, compared with 6% gain in nominal wages, he concludes: “Your grocery bill has effectively gone from $100 to $102.80.”

People with assets such as investments and/or a home even come out further ahead.

As for the price of gasoline, it’s true that current inflation can be “crushing” for people who drive a great deal, especially if their cars get low mileage.

Clearly, there are many factors contributing to higher oil and gas prices. Rosenberg suggests that ire directed at Biden should more appropriately be directed at Trump and family and their buddies: Putin and MBS in Saudi Arabia.

He goes into greater detail on inflation than I’m including here.

I’m signed up for May 13th. I hope you found these charts and analyses as illuminating as I did. If you did, please spread the word. There’s a lot of noise out there preventing Americans from learning what’s really going on.

Important addendum: Today’s New York Times carries a story headlined: “Fearing Backlash, GOP Is Quiet on Abortion.” The subhed reads: “Draft Leak Threatens Election Strategy on Economy.”

We can do this! The truth about the economy, the truth about the implications of the Supreme Court’s likely decimation of Roe, the truth revealed by the January 6th Committee hearings–all can change the dynamics in November.


11 thoughts on “On the Economy, Biden Wins!

  1. I like this alot, Anne! The Dems really need to publicize these good facts. But also, push against ending women’s right to have an abortion, and the assault on religious freedom that that means.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, George. Unfortunately, inflation is in front of people all the time when they buy stuff, so the big picture gets lost. And yes, there must be lots of talk about the dire threat to all our privacy-based rights.


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