A Slice of Wonder in a Trembling World

Sunlight sweeps across our yard in a glistening arc.

Adolescent trees sway rhythmically in a

Wind so tamed from the wrath I feared in

March that I smile with relief at the trees’ gentle dance.

But wait; there’s more:

The goldfinches visit en masse,

Their feathers startlingly brighter, richer—

Another paean to the lengthening stretch of sunlight…

Or a visual call to their duller mates in behalf of the next generation.

Treasure upon treasure, the daffodils beyond the feeder

Seem to hold their places day after day,

Still upright, intact, though weeks have passed

Since they burst into bloom.

Is it my imagination, playing with time

After the isolation enforced by Covid and oddly enjoyed?

This view is such a small slice of wonder in a trembling world—

I devour it, returning again and again.

My heart heavy with news, I find unalloyed joy

in more golden goldfinches and more

resilient daffodils.


Goldies and a house finch

18 thoughts on “A Slice of Wonder in a Trembling World

  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    I stood for a little over 8 minutes last evening watching monarch butterflies feed on our dandelions as if I wasn’t even there. I worry about severe weather during this season, but there is also such joy! Thank you for writing this, and sharing it! 💖

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