Bill-Barr One Mo’ Time…I Seek Refuge in Rhyme

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We’ve all had a lovely reprieve
From Bill-Barr’s penchant to deceive
But he’s back with a hook:
It’s his new “tell-all” book
With li(n)es he assumes we’ll believe.

Let me state that I will not pay
One cent for this Bill-Barr display;
I can learn what I need
From reviews that I read
Of the Truth he’ll shade or betray.

As Trump’s loyal AG, Bill-Barr
Cast off Mueller’s facts very far,
Saved the former guy’s skin
With Impeachment 1 win,
Then basked as unwarranted star.

One time the mad king left his perch,
To safely sashay to a church;
When a non-violent group
Was attacked by armed troops—
Bill-Barr’s role earned him a besmirch.

Four years he kept up his assails
On democracy’s long guardrails;
When Rant-Rudy’d assert
He could find Biden dirt,
Bill-Barr bade him dig for details.

We know he jumped off the Trump train
As it barreled forth with the claim
That became the Big Lie
And refuses to die—
So dangerous, and yet so inane.

“The election was not stolen,”
Bill-Barr says now as he said then.
But before any votes,
He’d yelled “Fraud!” quite by rote,
And cast doubts on ballots mailed in.

In his version, Bill-Barr was strong
While telling old Trump he was wrong;
With barnyard epithet
He claimed ’twas all “bull-sh-t”
That Trump’s legals threw at the throngs.

So would it make sense to report
Bill-Barr’s words of Trump non-support?
If we think that it would
We have misunderstood
The ends to which he will resort.

“It’s inconceivable,” said he
To not choose the R’s nominee;
Thus the man he’s averred
Is so unfit to serve
He’d return to the White House with glee.

More stanzas like these could be penned
But might send us over the bend;
I’ll conclude that Bill-Barr
Is quite simply bizarre.
Now my ditty has come to an end.

NOTE: I’m hoping this will be the last of what has become a never-intended Bill-Barr quadrilogy. Its predecessors can be found here, here, and here.


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