“Legitimate Political Discourse”?? –A Befuddled Acrostic

Listen: The RNC’s shocking
Evaluation of the 1/6 Insurrection as a
Garden-variety political discussion
Is—in two words—nutty scary. I
Think we need a collective gut check
In which we figure out why so
Many Americans would again willingly
Assign the Ship of State to actors who’ll
Titanically steer toward (melting) icebergs
Even as its keel has just been stabilized.

Please explain the “enthusiasm gap”
Observed when one political party is
Legitimizing violence, hatred and fear
In order to win the voters they’ll permit
To exercise our treasured franchise,
Intimidating election workers, seeking to
Capture the mechanisms to count votes—
All to reverse progress toward equity
Long fought for and seemingly won…

Doesn’t it strike you as the definition of
Insanity to learn that there is
Such a willingness to support
Candidates for a party that
Overtly sides with a Russian tyrant and
Usurps rights here while denying
Responsibility for grievous wrongs?
Surely before November, 2022, the
Electorate will—must—see the light!


UPDATE: Here is one list of organizations that are helping the Ukrainian people.

25 thoughts on ““Legitimate Political Discourse”?? –A Befuddled Acrostic

  1. It is hard to understand why those freely demonstrating here in NY against our government without fear of arrest say they would prefer Putin’s repressive government to our own.

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    1. It defies understanding, whungerford–unless you’re a wanna-be Russian oligarch who assumes the US would be better off under authoritarian rule. It is part of the trend of the ugly mix of authoritarianism and corruption that I think of as nutty-scary.

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  2. Annie, January 6 was an insurrection on a branch of government that endangered everyone in the building. If they found Mike Pence, he would be held hostage or killed. The former president is culpable for his seditious statements before, during and after January 6, in addition to dividing Americans because his shallow ego cannot take losing. Trump had his chance in court and won only one case out of 65 or so and lost every recount, audit and review. Trump cannot lose anymore than he has, yet he still is promoting what his own Attorney General called BS to his face and was, of course, was fired for telling the emperor he was naked.

    Putin is even worse a liar than the former president, but is far more malevolent and underhanded, being a KGB trained disinformation expert. The Russian people need to know this, so hopefully some of the pushback is seeping in. Putin did arrest over 1,700 anti-war protestors from the thousands in 53 Russian cities. By the way, the number one TV show on Sunday night in Estonia is a recap of all of Putin’s disinformation efforts of the week in Estonia.



      1. Thanks for your question, although my answer may not suit you. A few years ago, I heard a European based reporter being interviewed on NPR. He was very knowledgeable of efforts by Putin to disinform in other countries. He noted Estonia was one of the more progressive and learned former Russian states. Then, he mentioned this show that tracked Putin’s efforts. I am obviously not Estonian, but I found this interview interesting. Thanks again, Keith

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      1. I’m not sure any of us was relating such a show to my overall cri de coeur, mdavis. It’s just interesting and encouraging to see such an effort, which social media has made essential everywhere.

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  3. Thanks, Keith. I don’t know who’s a worse liar–trump or Putin–but Putin is obviously a lot smarter and more disciplined and well-trained. But in the egomaniacal derangement department, it might be a close contest. And we must hope that they’ve both overreached and will ultimately be rejected by the people.

    There have been numerous acts of bravery among the Russian people–including athletes and the daughter of a Putin spokesperson who have publicly stated–or written before cameras-: “No War.”

    But the bravery of the Ukrainian people is astonishing, both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Zelensky, a comedian-turned-politician, is preparing to defend his country though he knows he will probably die doing so. Ordinary middle-class Ukrainians are refusing to leave, suiting up and learning how to fire weapons.

    I am adding an update with information on how to donate to help the Ukrainians.


  4. Clever and thought-provoking acrostic. Thanks, Annie. It’s distressing that we’re living on a time dominated by egocentric dictator wannabes like Putin and Trump. Here’s hoping they’re both pushed to the pavement where they belong.

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  5. Agreed that Ukraine cannot “Win” this war in the traditional sense but like in VietNam, Iraq and Afghanistan (for both USSR and US)just to mention the most obvious, they can prevent Russia not only from “winning” but even being able to impose peace on Ukraine.
    I think the only answer is replacing Putin.
    He cannot admit defeat since that would cause defeat at home as well. A bit like the Russian/Japanese war of 1905 which was suppose to be a cake walk and ended in humiliation for the russians.
    That also wa a war of choice meant to distract population with a nationalist victory. Didn’t work.
    Several risks questions.
    With Putin’s admiration of stalin will he mimic him by punishing any russian who became a POW upon their return to russia?
    Or knowing history is he concerned about the soldiers turning against him and leaving the front a they did in support of Russian Revolution?

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    1. Based on what I’ve heard from Russia experts, the best hope lies with the Russian people rising up against him. Unfortunately, it will take hundreds of thousands of them, and too many seem to believe the state propaganda—now worsened by Putin’s driving out any legitimate reporters—and Facebook. But their lives are becoming increasingly difficult, and when the bodies of all those soldiers are returned, who knows what may happen? It’s just so awful to see what one deranged man can wreak on so many.

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