“God’s Tech Support”: Essential Viewing (!)


If facts, common sense, the instinct for self-preservation, and concern about others can’t break through…


PS: I just received this link from a friend. I know it’s been around for a while. Please let me know if you’ve seen it. Thanks.

31 thoughts on ““God’s Tech Support”: Essential Viewing (!)

      1. Shira: Thanks so much. I appreciate the invitation and have great respect for your ambitious efforts. In this instance, however, I felt that more text would detract from the simple brilliance of the brief video.

        But since you feel differently—and may have other ideas about implementing—I’ll provide the text to you, and you can use as you like.

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  1. I had NOT already seen this. It is sweetly brilliant. Thank. you for sharing it. There was a joke I learned as a child (don’t remember where or when) about people being caught in a flood and praying to G-d for help — but then turning away first a neighbor with a rowboat, then a rescue crew with a motor boat and finally (when they are trapped on their roof and still praying to G-d for help) a helicopter from the National Guard. They die and go to heaven and ask St. Peter why g-‘d didn’t answer their prayers and save them… and St. Peter says, “we sent a someone with a rowboat, a motor boat and a helicopter — what more did you want?” I keep thinking about this joke as Covid goes on and on and on… And Earth IS (very, very, very sadly) accelerating towards an extraordinary re-boot, the likes of which we humans haven’t seen for many millennia…

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