An Acrostic for Love and Luck, Plus World Children’s Day

Photo by Steve Johnson on

B ought at a Dollar Store’s adieu sale

A leafy stalked duo graced our table for

M ore than two years; then decay crept in.

B argaining for lengthened time with us, to

O utwit apoptosis, I severed leaves from stalks.

O ver time, new roots promise love and luck.

Photo by Ron Lach on

Today is World Children’s Day, notes the email from KIND, Kids in Need of Defense. This organization to protect unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children receives Charity Navigator’s highest rating for finance and accountability. I send my modest donation to


6 thoughts on “An Acrostic for Love and Luck, Plus World Children’s Day

    1. Maybe obvious, Neil—but not demonstrated widely enough, in my view. As the wise and dedicated Nancy Pelosi says, the Build Back Better bill will, if passed, help the children and women a great deal—though not exclusively. Our wealthy country has seriously lagged behind others in investing in children—and their futures. Thanks for your comment.

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    1. Thanks, Denise. As I’m sure you know, the BBB bill contains more money to combat climate change than anything to date—not enough, but a start. And Biden and John Kerry did make an impact on the global scene in developing a framework for advancement.


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