It’s All in the Attitude…

The dark-eyed sea babe
Pondering new environs
Finds them A-OK.


A winged bandit
Artfully and flawlessly
Enacts a quick crime.

19 thoughts on “It’s All in the Attitude…

  1. Nice to have you back albeit in wonderful little vignettes. How did the seagull know where the chips were stashed?

    Sent from my iPhone. Nancy


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  2. Both of these made me smile. Thank you for finding and sharing them. I particularly love the way the human patiently holds the baby seal’s chin above water until it figures out that it belongs in the water. And I admired many different gulls while writing new songs recently in nearby Cape Cod. They are so beautiful and aerodynamic! It is only because they are somewhat ubiquitous that I tend to take them for granted. The one in this video is very smart and observant. S/he takes advantage of the store’s positioning junk food impulse purchases immediately upon entry…

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    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Will.

      Yes, I think the handler’s gentle assist was most endearing. It’s good to see that loving care.

      Great observation about the seagull’s apparent canniness in adapting to marketing techniques for personal gain!


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