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Hi, everybody!

This is a big step. No, not raising that incredibly straight leg on the beach pictured above, which will remain a personal aspiration for the time being.

But here I am at my computer, less than a week short of the one-month anniversary of my total knee replacement (TKR). It’s been an adventure that I’ll soon be sharing with you–probably in greater detail than you’d like.

For now, I thank you for your lovely messages. I’m doing fine, albeit still lolling in a slight opioid haze that The Powers That Be are determined to bring to an end, my pain be damned.

It will take a while for me to prepare a post, as my typing fingers can move faster than the knee that’s quite unhappy when it remains in a seated position. Time moves more quickly than I do as I adhere to the following regimen:

Apply ice for 20 minutes; stretch and bend for three sets of ten; walk for five minutes. Rest and elevate knee. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to read and comment on your posts over the past several weeks. I look forward to doing better.

And a warm welcome to the new people who’ve joined annieasksyou during my hiatus. Your willingness to do so is an article of faith that I truly appreciate.

More to come ASAP. Watch this space!


36 thoughts on “MY GOAL…

  1. Annie, best wishes on continued rehabilitation from your TKR. Yes, we can aspire to life our leg straight like that, but tis’ a dream. I just want days without little hurts. Keith

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  2. Glad to hear you’re mobile and on the road to better health, albeit five minutes at a time.

    Keep working at it, when my father had his I got him a recumbent exercise bicycle. It helped a lot and he still uses it every day.

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  3. Welcome back. How we have missed you. Glad to hear of your diligence and agree that any improvement, hopefully steady improvement as you regain your strength and mobility, is cause for celebration. Meanwhile, your fertile little brain is still quite agile — and we, your readers, celebrate that.

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  4. Good to hear from you Annie! I was wondering how you were doing, and hope you’re not having too much pain. Take your time posting and reading – I’m finding WordPress slow lately as I think many people are on vacation. I’ve missed a few weeks myself. The weather has just been too hot and humid and rainy.

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    1. Hi, MDavis. Thanks! It’s a busy regimen—and I didn’t include the sudden “where am I?” naps! I’m kinda seeking the balance between reclaiming my life and watching time slither along.


      1. Watching time slither has left me really wishing that I kept a journal. I mean, I’ve been living through a pandemic for goodness sake! I should have kept notes!
        Sorry, “slithering time” got me thinking.

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    1. Hi, Gail—and thanks! Right now, it’s more like a “rolling the walker in the den.” But I’ll get to the park eventually! I feel lucky to have had the surgery and be on the mend.


  5. I’ve had a long break from blogging this summer and am catching up. Hope you are feeling much better than when you wrote this. I know the road to recovery can be difficult. Wishing you the best and looking forward to your future posts.

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