Patella–Pashmella! I Go With the Second Opinion

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Perhaps you’ll recall my recent paean
About my imperfect patella
The gist: I’d seen a reputable man…
Esteemed as a medical fella.

Lo! He advised he’d remove just the cap,
Leaving the rest of the knee alone
And recovery would then be a snap—
Pain and stiffness would sooner be gone.

Although this partial approach had appeal,
Somehow it didn’t make that much sense:
How a knee that years ago was revealed
More arthritic was now less intense?

Eagerly seeking a solid path, I
Landed soon at doc-door number two.
Looking with him at my X-rays—oh my,
A moon’s craters appeared in my view!

I’m amazed that I function so well, but
Good grief! That whole knee has to go now,
Or too soon I’d be back in the same rut;
Why ignore my friend-ortho’s wise vow?

I’d do well, said he, with one more insight;
That my magic-old knee could bear more
He’d dismissed as not medically right;
Thus I chose doc behind second door.

He has credentials and rep that are strong
Easy conversing, with kindly looks
2 be sure, I’m relieved to go along;
Now my surgery date’s on the books.

Did this before so I know how it goes—
Over years I’d avoided in vain;
Perhaps in the future, stem cells will grow
In order to spare others the pain.

Now I know I must keep my head on right:
It’s discomfort that will in time pass;
Of all the ills that comprise humans’ plight
New knees do make life better—at last.

Note: This was (is) a rhyming acrostic…BUT…had I left the stanzas so that the vertical spacing spelled out the title, the internal rhymes were ridiculously clunky. Something had to give. Consider it an exercise: it’s good for my arthritis!


30 thoughts on “Patella–Pashmella! I Go With the Second Opinion

      1. Thanks so much — I am very pleased, but determined not to push beyond reasonable expectations. Am getting lots of rest, which is what the body needs after such an insult, and that’s helping immensely! I’m ok with 6 weeks — that means I should be good to go by the beginning of summer. Best wishes for positive results and easy recovery with your knee!

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    1. Hi, Diane—how nice to hear from you! I had a tough time and slow recovery with the left knee, but I’m hoping this one will be easier. The surgeon’s PA said frankly, “Most people aren’t happy for the first three months…” Thanks for your good wishes!


  1. Loved the poetry, Annie (something I haven’t attempted yet, and probably shouldn’t). Hope your surgery goes very well! I’ve got some coming up next week–my empyema and pneumonia are all gone, but all the CT and MRI scans showed a small kidney mass, so that’s being removed by a partial nephrectomy next week.
    All my best,

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    1. Oh, my, George: that doesn’t sound like fun. Best of luck next week!
      And if you want to try poetry, you should! It’s a fun exercise—even when I’m not thrilled with the results—as with this one. But thank you for your kind words. Take good care!


  2. Congratulations on finally having a settled course of action — even though it means a two-month wait. And I see your acrostic flair remains undiminished.

    Stem cells have enormous potential. I think they have already been used to repair retina damage and reverse age-related blindness in mice, for example. No doubt such techniques will eventually replace many forms of surgery.

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    1. Thank you, Infidel. Well, the acrostic’s still there, but…Anyway, this was a learning experience.

      Yes, I believe stem cells are being used in treating dry macular degeneration, the more common type (no blood vessel leakage). I was hoping I could hold out for knee number two, but the science isn’t quite there. I do know of people who have plunked down thousands of dollars for stem cell implantations in their aching backs—to no avail. As my ortho friend told me, when someone asks you to pay a lot of money up front for a medical procedure, beware.


  3. Wonderful Annie….and I think you made a wise decision. I’ve never heard of just removing the knee cap – but admit I know next to nothing about knee surgery. July is a good time – you’ll be inside in the cool air during the hottest part of the summer.


    1. Thank you, Joni. I know a few people who had partial knee replacements and required the entire procedure (TKR: total knee replacement) just a few years later. So I pressed surgeon #1 on his plan, but he was emphatic that he rarely sees that happening. I temporarily lulled myself into thinking MY knee, which had stood me in good stead for years, was somehow magical. But the doubts remained, and my ortho friend confirmed the statistics were not in my favor. I’m very glad I listened to him; seeing those x-rays removed any doubt.

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  4. Wow, Annie!!! You have a talent in rhyming poetry there! I can do 4 lines, maybe 8, but then it all falls apart. Poet Laureate is not, it seems, in my future! Anyway, my friend … best of luck on your knee replacement in July. I hope it all goes off without a hitch and you’ll be good as new by Hallowe’en!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jill. I enjoy rhyming, but sometimes the results are smoother than others. I hope you’ll try to stretch if you care to.

      And thanks, too, for your good wishes. I trust my “trick” knee will be gone in time for Halloween treats!

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  5. I’m waiting for a post some time in August entitled Annie Takes A Knee. But I suppose it’s not taking if you have to pay for it.

    Good wishes on a successful surgery, an easy recovery and a minimum of discomfort until then.


    1. Actually, JP, I mentally “took a knee” in support of Colin Kaepernick shortly after he first got himself into what John Lewis called “good trouble.”:)

      I thank you for your good wishes.

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