A Paean to My Imperfect Patella (and my fondness for acrostics)

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber@lavievagabonde; found via unsplash.com

A well-regarded surgeon

P romises to
A lleviate my pain more
E asily than I’d imagined
A nd speed recovery—
N ot what I’d recalled when

T he companion knee was
O bliterated years ago,

M aking me bionically better.
Y et this guy tells me

I need only a new patella,
M eaning less surgery; the
P remise being the
E rosion that’s
R elated to osteoarthritis
F or some reason won’t
E xact further damage.
C onvinced at first by magical
T hinking that aging won’t mean

P artial surgery will lead to
A full surgical monty with
T ime, I sign on.
E xcept can I hang my
L eg on such a promise?
L istening to an ortho friend/reason
A ffirms next step: seek Dr. #2.


22 thoughts on “A Paean to My Imperfect Patella (and my fondness for acrostics)

  1. Getting a second opinion
    On such a matter is wise.
    Optimum treatment’s important;
    Docs can err, no one denies.

    If the patella’s the problem,
    Ditch it — if not, you’re still stuck!
    Extra advice is what’s needed,
    And, of course, I wish you luck.

    (Truth to tell, when I first saw the post title, that word registered as “paella” and I was expecting a lament about cooking.)

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      1. I have heard that too if you are lucky to get a doctor who knows the newer techniques. We have one here with a 2 year waiting list. Soon hips and knee replacements will be outpatient procedures.

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      2. No, it’s too soon….only younger healthier patients with lots of home support are candidates and even that is iffy. But they are doing it here some because what limits the number of surgeries is the lack of hospital beds, so it shortens up the waiting list for people, which can often be over a year. Socialized medicine is good and bad…


  2. Thank you, Annie, for inspiring me to do more research and have more patience! All the best for coming up with the best solution. Xoxo


  3. That’s fantastic Annie. You’ve taken a stressful situation and are making the best of it in more ways than one. Here’s to answers that feel right in your near future!


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