“Process” batters Truth
Democracy is ill served
History forewarned


30 thoughts on “IMPEACHMENT HAIKU

  1. Annie, so glad you mentioned Jamie Raskin’s personal tragedy and yet here he is, working on behalf of America and on behalf of his son who in the end just couldn’t find the hope. So sad. Thanks for staying the course, my dear. We learn from you. We learn from each other, just as you intended.

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    1. He makes me weep, Denise. I plan to send him a long overdue letter, as he spoke of the comfort he and his family derived from the sympathy expressed by so many Americans after his son’s death. Now I can add my profound gratitude.

      He just said in his closing remarks that all three of his children are better people than he is. Wow!

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  2. A hand was overplayed
    Turning victory to defeat
    What now?

    Can we pleeeeeeeze try some concensus governing now? With a house and senate more closely divided than at any time in recent memory, nobody has a mandate to do much of anything. Surely our betters in Congress can find things to do that might get broad support. Or has our system become so cancerous that the two sides can do nothing more than bicker like five year olds? My father used to jokingly propose a constitutional amendment to limit Congressional sessions to 1 month a year. I am coming to the conclusion that he is right, though I would probably give them two.

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      1. No, JP; this system didn’t fail—your sentences appear as you planned.

        But I emphatically reject your premise and the comments that follow. The impeachment managers’ case was overwhelming; the only defeat was that more Republicans were so scared of trump and the mob or so eager to curry favor with your party’s base that they failed to fulfill their Constitutional oaths. Overreach? When violent mobs saying trump invited them defiled our Capitol and killed/injured more than 140 police officers —while trump ignored even his daughter’s entreaty—and Kevin McCarthy’s—to stop them? And tweeted an attack on his loyal VP, whom the mob was seeking to hang? Did you actually see any of the footage and watch the trial? Frankly, I am devastated to know that even this was not enough to make you see what your party has become.
        And then Mitch McConnell, the most hypocritical politician imaginable, denounces trump in the strongest possible terms, says everything the impeachment managers proved, but hides behind a Constitutional argument that leading Republican scholars, including a former Federalist Society leader, declared was bogus—as if he had nothing to do with the fact that trump was no longer in office, when he delayed the trial until that was the case.
        As to governing by consensus, it’s already clear the Republicans aren’t interested, when their most moderate members responded to Biden’s COVID relief package with one that left out major parts. But 63% of Americans support that package, regardless of political affiliation.

        Meanwhile, 140,000 Republicans have left your party in the few states that have reported. There is a serious problem with conspiracy theorists and other extremists. I got a robocall from the RNCC the other day asking: “Did you know that Nancy Pelosi called Republicans ‘the enemy within?’” All that was missing was the fact that she was referring to those “colleagues” who refuse to go through medical detectors and have publicly stated they want to kill her.
        I am disgusted and appalled, JP. Please do not preach consensus to me—or fiscal responsibility, which is something Republicans disregard except when Democrats are in the majority. Or decency and civility and respect for law and order and reverence for the Constitution. What we have seen as trump has taken over your party and invited an insurrection so he could stay in power show none of those bedrock principles exist in your party any more.

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  3. There is consolation in knowing that we have Americans like Mr. Raskin. His personal comments included in his presentation made this “snowflake’s” heart melt. What a beautiful idea to write and tell him. Thank you, Annie.

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