Got Inner Critic(s)? Meet Annie’s and mine

I was delighted to receive an invitation from fellow blogger da-AL to be a guest writer on her blog, You can read about her many talents there. The fun part was that da-AL took “My Attempts to Play Nice With My Inner Critic” and added her own thoughts to the post she titled: “Got Inner Critic(s)? Meet Annie’s and mine.” So this post is a two-fer! Click on “View original post” below–and you’ll see da-AL’s thoughts, followed by mine.

But nobody’s offered me a solution to my dilemma yet. Perhaps you will?

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Charles Schultz, the creator of “Peanuts,” did other stuff besides that comic strip. It’s said he battled his own gang of gremlins. Lucy, the psychiatrist from hell, for one… Charles Schultz, the creator of “Peanuts,” made other work besides that comic strip. It’s said he battled his own gang of gremlins. Lucy, the psychiatrist from hell, for one. (Peanuts image courtesy of

My inner jerks specialize in novel writing. Inner criticizing is just the beginning — they’re outer and everywhere.

A tongue-twisting ditty to be sung to whatever tune strikes your fancy:

“Here a critic… There a critic… Everywhere a crit, critty, critical critic…”

Moreover, mine barge in with droves of friends.

Have you got any? If not, how the heck do you pull that off?

I could list mine for days and days: Why you takin’ so long with them books you keep talkin’ ‘bout? Ya really gotta do that instead of this or those things or them stuff right now? Lookie here, there’s this to do that’s way more pressing and tons more fun! You’re wasting…

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13 thoughts on “Got Inner Critic(s)? Meet Annie’s and mine

  1. I can’t imagine naming my inner critic because it’s a composite of many people. Perhaps I need to give this further thought. I don’t spend much time arguing with these voices. The most I might do is identify the voice, “oh yeah, that’s Carl who used make my blood run cold”. My survival tactic might be that I don’t see the voices as my own. I try to discredit them and move on.

    As far as figuring out what to save and how to save it goes, I struggle with the same question and have not a clue what to do about it. When you figure it out, be sure to write a blog post on it. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Carol. Yikes! Having an inner critic with multiple personalities seems quite formidable. But you’re right not to argue with them—that just furthers your preoccupation.

      As to the paper problem, mess-ery loves company, so there’s comfort in learning that you share my dilemma. And you shall be the first to know if I tame my paper tiger.

      My to-do list today begins with what I feel confident will be a meaty post on a French cookbook.

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    1. Denise: I owe you a link. Somewhere in this blog is a post that includes actually teaching humans to be compassionate. I’ll find it and forward it to you as soon as I do. Nice, creepy little bot that was!


  2. Wonderful article, Annie. I think there’s a point where a useful inner-critic, a sounding board and a writer’s mechanism does become problematic and inhibiting. I guess it’s a case of making sure you’re the boss of it rather than the other way around!

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    1. Thank you, Matthew. Your message is precisely what I tell Flibberty—but she doesn’t always listen!

      I wonder, thinking of your doctoral process, if you might have any “what to keep/what to toss” suggestions for me concerning papers?

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      1. I think it always depends on the abstract. Recent research also tends to be favoured for obvious reasons, unless the older research is seen as a seminal piece of work which has shaped thought or practice. To be honest though if something takes my fancy or speaks to what I am researching I will cite it.

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