It’s 2021: My Thanks and Good Wishes to You

Champagne: photo credit Louise Lyshoj @louiogbearnaisen; found via

I am profoundly grateful to each and every one of you for visiting, joining, and commenting on my blog posts.

You’ve been with me as I’ve ranted politically, offered acrostics that have gone out of whack, shamelessly indulged my penchant for bad puns, and tackled topics that may well have benefited from an MD or PhD’s oversight.

I keep in mind that more than a few readers don’t like posts that exceed 500 words—and then I just go on and on, assuming that because I’m so fascinated by the topic, you will be too.

For the most part, you’ve generously encouraged me in these wordy endeavors. (Some may have discouraged me by their absence, but aside from two people who were honest with me that my posts were too long for them, I’ll never know.)

Aware that all the verbiage might be off-putting, I’ve just switched the five most recent posts that had been appearing in their entirety so that you see excerpts first. (Maybe some of those folks with 500-word reading limits will now wander in, not knowing what’s ahead—though that wasn’t my motivation!)

Many people also prefer blogs that focus on a single topic, whereas I meander all over the place. I’ve been trying hard to keep nearly all my post titles visible because so many of you visit posts that appeared way back. It’s very meaningful to me that these older posts continue to be of interest.

It’s also meaningful that when I get new supporters (I dislike the word followers, which belies the strong minds most bloggers and readers have), I’m notified of one or more posts that they have “liked.”

Of those who’ve joined in the last two days, two liked “Is It Time to View Social Media as Frankenstein’s Monster?” A third liked “Some Call It Fragrance…” And a fourth liked my very painful “Love, Loss, and a Sense of Community.”

The diversity tells me that people aren’t put off by my flitting from topic to topic—a super bit of information for me to have because I never know when I’m going to stumble on a story or bit of news that piques my curiosity and makes me want to dig deeper—and to share with you in the hope of stimulating your reactions. I derive great satisfaction that our dialogue leads us to learn from one another.

Speaking of new subscribers, my intent is ALWAYS to write a welcome note and to visit your blogs—if you have one. I too often fail to do so. For that I apologize and offer my sincere welcome here. I hope to get to your blogs ASAP.

One of the pleasures of being a part of the blogging community is to continually discover talent that’s new to me: original, creative, quirky, thoughtful. I am enriched by these diverse individual voices and just wish I could get to many more of them.

Back to my own blog: I’m running into a WordPress SNAFU in terms of titles. It seems that every time I add a new post, one early title gets subtracted from my list.

All of 2018 is now missing, and 2019 is beginning to be whittled away. Very soon, the post that’s been read the most since I started this blog will disappear from the list—though not from my blog.

Its title is “How Do You Train a Butterfly? The Same Way You Train an Orthopedic Surgeon.” Posted in January, 2019, it’s read by one or more people almost every day.

That’s particularly meaningful to me because it was a collaboration with my younger daughter, a professional dog trainer, and its message of positive reinforcement clearly resonates broadly.

I’ve been advised by a WordPress Happiness Engineer (HE) that I can expand the number of titles that appear, but I’ve been unable to do so.

I’ll check back with the HE on Monday to find out if there’s any workaround. Otherwise, “Butterfly” will move into a place of prominence via a link on my Home page—which is newly featuring a few posts. Man, am I learning stuff, bit by byte!

I’ll soon be publishing my first post as an invited guest writer; the piece currently resides on the blog of the woman who generously asked me to contribute.

It now appears preceded by her personal thoughts—evoked by my work. This has been an interesting new collaborative adventure that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Soon after that, I’ll be telling you something about a fine blogging tradition that I’ve been honored to be a part of. There’s some remarkable history in the blogosphere, and this is a valuable piece of it.

I hope you’ll continue to visit, to let me know your views via likes and comments (even via Contact, emails or phone calls if you prefer), and to guide me as I strive to improve this blog in every way.

May 2021 represent a sea change from 2020, with the ugly virus under control and the ugly divisiveness somehow minimized by calm national leadership that doesn’t play on our fears and exaggerate our differences.

And may each of you and your loved ones find that the new year brings you personal gratification, pleasure, and peace.


44 thoughts on “It’s 2021: My Thanks and Good Wishes to You

  1. I would like to learn more about the “wordpress snafu.” Are the articles disappearing or only the titles from a list? If the articles are disappearing, is it because of a storage limit? Is there an efficient way to archive your work so it isn’t lost?

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    1. Hi. Fortunately, the articles are there. I suspect there’s a limit to the number of titles shown: mine is set at 150. The WP helper told me I could double that number, but it looks as though that information is incorrect: it kept reverting to 150.

      I shall have to begin archiving. My belief is that people are more likely to click on a title that is right in front of them than to look into an archive. But at present there’s no way to see the posts from the months that I began blogging in 2018.

      Thanks for asking. I think I did welcome you, but if not, please know I’m delighted that you’ve joined me.



  2. I must admit to being a reader who has a problem with posts which exceed 500 words – not because I don’t want to read them, but because I don’t have time to (I follow so many blogs that reading long posts would leave no time to read all the posts published each day). I suppose i could ‘un-follow’ some blogs, but I rarely do so because I like the blogs I follow (which is not to say that I like every post of every blog). Nonetheless, I’m open to suggestions.

    I could go on, but that would seem to defeat the purpose of my comment.

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    1. mistermuse; I’m worried now—
      Is that a threat I hear?
      If I don’t cut down on my words,
      You may not visit here?
      Your own posts, which I like a lot
      Are fun with those short rhymes,
      But listening to the music means
      They take a longer time.
      So I hope since I see them through until the very end,
      You’ll put up with my verbiage just twice a week, my friend.

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      1. Is asking if what you hear’s “a threat”
        Meant to make me, my words, regret?
        I hope not, as they simply expressed a fact,
        Not unlike your words having the same impact.
        To “not visit here” was the farthest thing from my mind,
        Though length does put me in a time-squeeze bind.
        When it comes right down to it,
        We each must post as we see fit,
        And let the chips fall where they may
        ,,,,and that’s about all I have to say.

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  3. I must be very easy to please since I don’t care so much about your topics because I love your thought process and your ability to communicate through your writing..keep it up

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    1. Thank you, Neil, and the same to you.
      I suspect the Monday HE will tell me what the Thursday HE did not: there’s a limit to the number of titles I can show, and I’ve already passed it. So it’s to the archives with me.
      Not so terrible…

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  4. As to post length, a post should be no longer than the topic merits — but also no shorter. You don’t ramble aimlessly like some people do. When your posts are long, it’s because the topic requires it. Remember that people who matter read entire books on a routine basis.

    It’s entirely the blogger’s choice whether a blog focuses on one topic or many. Bu if you focus on just one topic (whether its politics or gardening or animals or whatever), you’ll be just one of a huge chorus of blogs covering that topic, whereas if you post about everything that interests you, your blog will be unique because it will truly represent you. To me, that’s what a blog should do.

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    1. Thank you, Infidel! I really feel as you do, but it’s good to have that reality check.

      With regard to your new response on my “genetics scissors”post: you’ve provided so much food for thought that I must spend the night digesting! Whew!


    1. Thank you so much, Joseph. I feel the same way about your posts—and the responses you add here—especially your historical perspective.
      Happy New Year to you and your family. I begin celebrating on January 20th!


  5. I love your meandering posts although I don’t always have the time or energy to comment or otherwise engage. Each post gives each of us a different insight into YOU and how your mind works. Happy New Year, my blogging friend. ❤️

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  6. ugh — my condolences for your technical woes — sending my best that they’re rectified soon. which level of wordpress subscription do you have? I have the cheapest one that isn’t free. their online chat help actually helps tho it can be tediously time consuming. for whatever it’s worth, have found that loading up screenshots into my media library for them to see helps a lot…

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    1. I think I have the same level that you have. I’m pretty sure I was given misinformation—and that I’ve reached the limit of titles that I can show. Thanks for your support—both here and there (your blog)!

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  7. Yes, your posts are long — longer than most that I take the time to read. But I always appreciate your perspectives and how you back them up with facts, information, and relevant quotes. I don’t often comment on your posts, but I do regularly read them.


  8. Annie, I love how you cover so many topics. Your knowledge and ability to tirelessly research new interests is remarkable!!
    You should write a book or run for politics, or both.
    In the meantime, your blog is a treat for me each time. I read and savour it , and always feel I’ve just had a great chat with a lovely friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janine, I remember responding to your lovely comment, but I don’t know what happened to it.
      I so appreciate your kind words—especially the “chat” part.
      And I hope to see you somehow fitting a return to blogging into your busy schedule because I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate both your style and insights.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Sorry to hear of the WP technical problem. Would a change of theme resolve this? I hate to mention the idea because changing the theme on my own makes my head hurt for the things that could go wrong.

    I have found in my own writing that I have trouble properly developing a topic in much under 1000 words. 500 word posts are easy to read but light on content for those of us who like some meat to our reading.

    Best wishes to you in 2021.


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