“Three Seconds”

This powerful, must-see video, by Spencer Sharp and Prince Ea from the US, was the winner of a 2016 Connect4Climate competition that sought “inspiring climate change solutions” from young people and received 860 videos from 155 countries.

The winning entries were chosen by “renowned filmmakers, climate influencers, world leaders, and communication professionals.”

Please keep in mind that the film was shown in 2016. So much devastation has occurred in the interim to heighten the urgency of its message.

If all those reading this post adopt one change that you haven’t made to date, we can collectively make a difference. Here are some options.

Consider this one from the above list: “If every household in the United States switched just ONE regular bulb to a CFL or LED bulb it would be equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road!”

And that link brings you to another “50 Ways to Help”!

I note the above, fully cognizant of the larger forces preventing meaningful change. But we as individuals, making changes in our own lives and insisting on changes from those larger forces, can follow the lead of young people worldwide. In so doing, we can help them ensure their future on Planet Earth.

I thank blogger Judy Dykstra-Brown at lifelessons, who first posted the winning video on her site.


21 thoughts on ““Three Seconds”

    1. Hi. Thank you, and welcome! Yes; if you click on the word “Here” followed by “are some options,” it brings you to one list. When you’ve gone through that, it has its own link to the “50 Things…” mentioned below.

      So glad you’re pursuing these!



  1. I recall when this came out but was so glad to see it again. Great stuff, Annie. What I especially love is the information on taking action. One step, one lousy lightbulb at a time! Such simple things. Thank you.

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  2. Sadly, your posts are still not appearing in my timeline, nor can I “Like” any of them but I’m making some changes to the blog at year end which I’m hoping will resolve the issue.


    1. Sheree—Good to hear from you!

      I’m not getting emails when you post, but it so happened that when I posted most recently and checked to see that my post appeared in WP Reader, it immediately followed one of yours.

      Tell me about the changes you’re making. I must do some renovating as well.


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      1. Oh—thanks. That’s not my problem! Mine is more my concerns about readability due to the length of my posts and my insistence on having my titles appear. People read older posts daily bc they’re visible, but things are getting kinda messy—like my desk!

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      1. I’m also glad to know all these led bulbs we’ve been using for over 10 years (the first year I put them in they cost over $30 each but took 100 off our electric bill) now they’re sub 5 for a regular bulb and about 15 for the replacement of the old can ceiling lights) and saved us nothing on our electric bill. The electric companies I suppose caught those of us who use eco friendly appliances, use motion detectors for the closets, and drive carbon emission friendly autos still get the same bills as those who don’t. Worse, I see our upcoming generation going to muscle cars, not understanding the real costs of their behavior. It’s sad – and the uptick in opioid and especially here in California, high level thc products and vaping addiction really dulls their once bright minds. My hope is that this virus is taken as a warning sign of what’s to come if things don’t improve, and our planet can heal itself. One thing I have noted is a sensitivity to gender roles and gender fluidity. It’s in so,evways a rebellion and in some cases a freedom. Having a 22 year old and a 19 year old I see all this in real time. Crazy world we live in. I recommend a fantastic discussion between bj Miller and Michael Lerner at https://tns.commonweal.org/podcasts/bj-miller/#.X9vzjS077xw
        There you’ll also find a tremendous number of resources for yourself and to support your wonderful writing. I attended two cancer help programs and use the site for integrative therapies often. Michael is the primary reason I am able to say I’m a writer by profession. Our careers prior to MBC often come to a close and starting a new book not just a new chapter in our lives is often so difficult, but the CHP and it’s resources have been a godsend.

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      2. I’m working on a post now that mentions a different business model for energy and will touch on some of the other issues you mention too.

        Thank you for the link; I’ll happily check it out. Glad to hear you’ve found this resource helpful. You sure are a writer—and a marvelous poet!
        Take good care, and stay safe.

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