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NOTE: I composed the acrostic below before last night’s debacle. I thought about not posting it because it seems almost quaint today.

However, as I mull over Trump’s performance in the debate, I wonder whether the recent disclosures of his mounting financial problems—and the evidence many of us have long suspected that his alleged empire and fabulous wealth are in fact a house of cards—contributed to his unhinged performance.

But make no mistake about it: this “President” has given up on any thought that he could win the election.

In his frenetic attempt to hold on to power—and hold off the possibility that he could spend time in prison for any number of crimes—he will continue to attack the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and has given a green light to right-wing terrorism and violence.

That fact alone should disqualify him from being the President of the United States.

If you care about the continuation of our democracy, you must not let him discourage you from voting. That is his goal. The higher the vote for Joe Biden, the more difficult it will be for Trump to disrupt the outcome. 

Don’t be afraid, and don’t allow your disgust to immobilize you. Joe Biden is a decent man with sound, progressive ideas on how to move this country forward and try to heal us. He is an experienced uniter, and he withstood the onslaught and spoke directly to the American people—when he was able to get a moment to do so. He is very much attuned to America’s needs at this critical juncture.

We are all being tested now, and we must forcefully support the democratic processes and the precious exercise of our franchise, which we are in danger of losing if we allow this very unstable man who pretends to be our President to deter us from performing our rightful civic responsibility. Please vote—as early as you can. 



T HIS time
H e may not get away with his monumental
E vasions

T he number $750. (or zero) in taxes
R ings loudly in voters’ ears as such gross
U nfairness to the rest of us that
M ore people may think it
P rudent to replace this financially
I nept loser who turned his
A pprentice TV earnings into mountains of
N on-income-generating golf resort fiascos  

A nd now we’re closer to learning
U nder which autocrats’ thumbs our
D ebtor faux leader squirms while he
I s selling out American democracy—
T hus, his rendezvous with real justice commences.



      1. I screamed so loud last nite my companion was sure our neighbors would call the police. That Trump is a bully and a failed president doesn’t go far enough. Biden has to project intelligence, character and strength. I hope his C+ effort last nite is enough.

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      2. Oh, dear, Noel! I hope you’re ok!

        As for Biden’s performance, when someone on Twitter referred to his less than stellar performance, I responded that in a “normal” debate, I would agree that his performance wasn’t stellar, but under these circumstances, I believe he was a superhero.

        Though I wish the debate folks had decided that they would cancel the next two Presidential debates, they are apparently moving ahead, with changes. But Biden has said he’s looking forward to the second debate, which will be a town hall. He does his best in that format, which showcases some of his real strengths—and does not well serve that awful man without a shred of humanity who’s temporarily in the Oval Office.


    1. Thank you, George. I really have little patience for people who are condemning Biden for his few flashes of temper, such as telling trump to shut up. Joe showed amazing restraint, in my view.


  1. I stayed up over here in the UK and my first thought was that Biden did as well as could be expected. It must be really difficult to look good when you’re arguing against an idiot, and one who interrupts 70-odd times. My impression is that, although petulant and childish, Trump’s performance will not persuade many of those who voted for him last time not to do likewise again. I hope Biden gets enough of the vote out.

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    1. I am determined to remain optimistic. The key will be encouraging people that their votes truly will matter—and that they shouldn’t be afraid to vote. There are lots of other things that can go wrong, but I’m hopeful none of those scenarios will occur.

      I appreciate the good karma you’re sending from across the pond—even at the loss of sleep!

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  2. Unhinged is a great word for this man, this presidency, this time in American history, the Republican Senate, Bill Barr, Rudy Guiliani, Chris Christie, a Supreme Court nominee who, it is prophesied, will roll back so many hard-won gains for women and the LGBTQ community, the prevalence of guns, our so sad race relations, these piggish men who say it was consensual (hate to give pigs a bad name), our country’s Covid response, the disease stats rising, the people who don’t “believe” in science (as if it requires belief), debate moderators who are bull dozed by rude people . . . . and, Annie, a friend just came back from a few days away near Lake George, New York, and reported almost no masks and plenty of “shrines to Trump.” Unhinged.
    I’ve taken up meditation. Loving-kindness. Breathing. Thanks for the work you do.

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    1. One really good thing about mindfulness, my friend, is that you can create the awful catalogue above and then—breathe deeply, and step away from it all. We can control our thoughts, and I, for one, though aware of the dangers ahead, am concentrating on the positive.

      Thanks, as always, for your support.


  3. I visited your site earlier, did my best reconnaissance—and failed. I still don’t see the search function. I would love the bonks link when convenient. Sorry to bother you, and thanks in advance.



  4. The



    Mismanagement of the

    Pandemic called

    Covid 19

    Has not changed minds of

    Everyone planning to support

    An obvious conman who pays no

    Taxes and so the

    Sheep will baa and baa and baa

    As usual , hoping to

    Gain some favor

    As the conman

    Insists he won and his buddy Barr

    Negates the results.

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    1. I

      C an’t
      H elp
      O perating from my
      O obvious need to
      S tate that
      E vents will not

      O verwhelm
      P eople with
      T error that
      I n a democracy, so
      M any others will
      I gnore basic principles of
      S ensible governing that are necessary to
      M ake us all healthier, safer, and more economically secure.

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