The Attorney General for the Person of the US Receives Scrutiny

The Attorney General for the People Person of the US Receives Scrutiny

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Once again I must turn to Bill-Barr
To examine behavior bizarre;
This is not the first time
That things seem to skirt crime
And his antics sink less than subpar.

Barr’s descent has made some feel quite sad
For the straight-shooter rep that he’d had;
But the gloss is long gone
And the battles he’s won
Have been awfully, terribly bad.

You recall when the Mueller Report
Raised questions of quite grave import?
Barr’s goal was persuasion
Of exoneration;
No Russians? Of course nyet, he’d retort.

He’s the President’s guy, that’s quite clear
In every last case that we hear;
According to his lights,
The Executive’s rights
Are absolute (I quiver in fear!).

He’s helped various convicted men
Such as Roger Stone and Mike Flynn
Although Flynn confessed twice,
His lies didn’t suffice–
Barr found “hinky stuff” made the case thin.

It was Bill-Barr who served as the source
Of that outside White House show of force–
When those marching in peace
Were peppered by police
While generals in haste reversed course.

And then came a Friday night surprise:
The US attorney’s job demise;
Though Barr said Berman quit,
Berman had none of it–
So was pushed out the door by sunrise.

Berman said that ongoing cases
Will move along on the same basis;
That appears an alert
He was nearing pay dirt,
Leading to some powerful places.

Expect Barr to go on the offense
With “findings” purportedly immense
The purpose: to confuse
It will all be a ruse
And may well be at Biden’s expense.

So what should happen now to Bill-Barr,
Who’s done damage that’s been wide and far?
Will the Dems try impeach
For his gross overreach?
Or at least, let us hope he’s disbarred!

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Note: It is unclear at this point whether Barr will appear before the House Judiciary Committee, which he has agreed to do on July 28, to explain his sudden firing of Geoffrey Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and his handling of other cases.

Two existing Department of Justice employees appeared before the Committee this week to express their dismay at the politicization of the department under Barr, including pressure to get a lighter sentence for the President’s convicted friend Roger Stone and interference in antitrust decisions based on his personal preferences–not the legalities.

But the most damning comment came from Donald B. Ayer, deputy attorney general under President George Bush, seen here on video explaining why Barr’s actions are setting the US “on the way to something far worse than Watergate.”

Previously, in an article in The Atlantic,  Ayer had gone into considerable and specific detail about the damage that Barr is doing to our Justice Department and the rule of law.

His conclusion:

“Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go. It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen. To prevent that, we need a public uprising demanding that Bill Barr resign immediately, or failing that, be impeached.”


9 thoughts on “The Attorney General for the Person of the US Receives Scrutiny

  1. Of all The Donald’s lackeys, Barr is undoubtedly the most dangerous because of his position as Attorney General / Trump’s personal attorney. Pence is nothing more than a stooge, despite being VP. I could go on through his entire ‘team,’ but they don’t play for us, so why waste my time.

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    1. I quite agree; this is the third time I’ve focused on Barr for that reason (always in rhyme, and always hyphenating his name in an effort to cushion how scared I am!)
      His latest gambit—claiming vote-by-mail will allow counterfeit votes from foreign enemies—is especially frightening, methinks. When asked for evidence, he had none. What mischief does that foreshadow for our elections?

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  2. We need a new president who should immediately fire this guy and authorize the appropriate agency to pursue the filing of charges. And then that new president can get to work trying to reverse or otherwise mitigate the rest of the damage done to our way of government, our civil rights, our environmental protections, our health system, our gun laws, the judiciary . . . I hope he’s up to the task and picks a super Vice President to help. Fingers crossed.


  3. Absolutely fire the guy. But here’s a question: should the President authorize the appropriate agency—or should he appoint a strong attorney general and then keep his distance—respecting the independence of the Justice Department?
    In view of all the blatant crimes and other unconstitutional acts that this administration has committed, I wonder and worry how the new administration pursues justice without engaging in what we’ve been calling the “banana republic” mentality of the current “lock her/him up” crowd. I hope the best legal minds are already at work discussing this question. It seems obvious what the path forward should be, but…I wish the whole bunch of them would get on a plane and leave forever.


  4. His request for a lighter sentence for T’s buddy Roger Stone is another outrageous example.
    Have you heard of “Protect Democracy” – a nonprofit, nonpartisan org. defending the principles of democracy? They have been fighting authoritarianism in this country in recent years and give me hope.

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    1. Hi. I had heard of “Protect Democracy” and looked at it at your suggestion. Seems very timely and worthwhile. I didn’t see names of individuals, though. Do you know who any of the key players are?
      And welcome to annieasksyou! I’m very pleased that we’re connected.


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