Mindfulness and Trumpiness–plus a little something extra…

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

In the world of the lovingly kind
I’ve found myself caught in a bind:
Consumed by my hate
It made my gut ache
’Twas a matter far over my mind.

Of course I can always deep breathe
Whenever I’m starting to seethe
But hate’s the wrong path;
There’s just too much wrath,
So my ideals I tried to retrieve.

This effort is surely ongoing
The seeds of contempt could keep growing
As malevolent eyes
Ignore COVID’s new highs
And the pain in the streets’ overflowing.

But one thing I’ve learned is that thoughts
If dwelt on can leave one distraught;
Accept that they’re there,
Make space for more air,
And allow them to flutter aloft.

Thus I’ve moved beyond being whiny
And reduced trump so he’s quite tiny
He’s gone from my head,
I don’t hear what he’s said…
My plan, on Day Two’s, working finely!


And, because my inner critic suggests this reflection is self-indulgent when there’s so much grief in the world, I’m adding a delightful, gently philosophical video that I hope you haven’t seen before and I think is guaranteed to make you smile.

Its title: “Amazingly simple theory for a happy life.”



33 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Trumpiness–plus a little something extra…

  1. Matthew,
    I don’t mean trump’s damage is small—simply that how I feel about him shouldn’t really merit so much energy.
    I sure hope you’re wrong about a second term! Unfortunately, if the poor Democrats succeed in passing legislation to continue helping people who desperately need it, the economy will improve and help him. It’s diabolical!

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  2. Hi Annie,
    Really good video. That, along with the dogs from Penn Vet (go VMD’s!) sniffing out corona virus,- well some things are looking upwards.

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  3. Absolutely. Whatever the situation, we only have one life and need to live it with as much joy as possible. Not overlooking the needs of others or the dangers and ills of the world, but managing to live what life we can in spite of them.

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  4. Thank you for the delightful video, and thank you for your posts that frequently remind me to strive to become “untethered” in these trying times.

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  5. An excellent video and post. I find myself so much more fulfilled working with others on things that are personally constructive than in things mired in intractable conflict. It is funny how untethering from much of it makes me notice how hard some work to suck me back in. Life is better “out here”.

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      1. I’m fine Annie. Thanks for checking on me. Just taking a bit of a writing break, not very motivated right now. Have been dealing with back pain since the end of May, worse when I sit, so have been limiting my social media/computer time. Our library opened for curbside pickup and 6 reserved books came in, so I’ve been on a reading sabbatical of sorts, laying on the swing outside. I just finished a non-fiction one called Secondhand – Travels in the Global Garage Sale, which I may blog on sometime. The pain was self-inflicted from trying to lift a patio table I wanted to paint which also might make a blog someday. Plus I’m finding the world a very sad depressing place these days so a bit of a news break is good….I’m still trying to keep up on Reader though, and always enjoy your posts.

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      2. Thank you, my friend. So sorry to hear about your back; hope you get relief very soon. I certainly understand about the news break need. In the mindfulness community—and I understand also among psychologists—that’s recommended for self-care. Enjoy your reading!

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