Another Trip to the Lighter Side…and a Message of Hope


I guess I’m making a large leap in assuming that a) you haven’t seen this photo before; and b) you’ve had the Zoom online experience that so many of us have been introduced to in this time of social distancing.

At any rate, this image makes me laugh, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Even if you haven’t “Zoomed,” with so many of us worldwide living in isolation, I can tell from various posts that there have been some pretty weird changes in our daily routines. For example: It’s 5 pm. Is it really necessary for me to exchange my pajamas for sweat pants and a T-shirt?

I send good wishes to you all, and hope things are as pleasant as possible as we make our way through the specter of the pandemic during this time of Easter, Passover, Vaisakhi, Vishu, the Bengali and Tamil New Years, the Buddhist Theravada New Year, and Spring.

(I just learned that one of the traditions of Theravada is to build sand castles, with the belief that the waves’ washing away the effort symbolizes the removing of one’s mistakes and enables personal renewal. It’s a reminder of our impermanence, which by coincidence was my theme when I wrote this poem quite recently.)

All these occasions call forth the hope for better days ahead–something that whether or not we follow a religion is sorely needed these days. I am especially thinking of those among us who are in pain, mentally and/or physically, or have suffered a loss.

Though we’re separated, we know what we must do to speed the process that will enable us to emerge from this pandemic and be together once again. To that extent, we do have a measure of control, even if it seems that events have overtaken us.

And then, I fervently hope, we can begin the important efforts to work together–locally, nationally, internationally–to make this a more just world, where we care for one another, ensure that extra attention and resources are provided to those who have been hardest hit,  and at last give Mother Nature her due.


21 thoughts on “Another Trip to the Lighter Side…and a Message of Hope

    1. I had my first Zoom experience a couple of weeks ago and another one two days ago. I’ll violate the axiom that you shouldn’t have to explain a joke, but people do this via a phone or computer app, and when you sign in, you get the choice of audio alone—in which case no one can see you (doggie on the left), or audio and video—in which case you’re likely to try to look presentable (doggie on the right). A lot of companies are using Zoom for meetings, but so are families and friends in this era of social distancing. I can just see your imagination whirring away with Zoom gatherings of your extraordinary cast of characters, Christopher!


  1. Love the picture!! So funny and so true!! I’ve been getting used to Zoom, too. Always used Skype before because that’s what we use at work, but I do like Zoom… I’ve started taking a yoga class on zoom that a friend of mine is teaching… it’s really fun.
    Great post, Annie!! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully we can all take time to think about how we will structure (or not structure) things, or change things, when this is all said and done… Lots to think about for sure!!

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    1. Thanks, Janine! I just had Zoom on my phone, and we had a gathering of 15 people. I didn’t realize that if I’d been on my computer, I could have seen them all at once (!). Enjoy your yoga; that sounds great. Yes; lots to think about. It’s almost like we’re being given a second chance to right all the wrongs—if only…
      Hope the teenagers are doing ok.


  2. I had not seen the meme, actually, so thanks for the chuckle.

    My Mrs and I had a Zoom brunch with two of our kids and their partners. It may not have been the best way to be together,, but it’s what we had.

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  3. Ha! Hadn’t seen that photo, but certainly says it all! Yes, Zoom is now part of our lives. Maybe you heard that there’s another company someplace in the world called Zoom and that they received a surprising amount of investment early on . . . until people realized that it wasn’t THAT Zoom? Funny.

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  4. My company has an insane number of meetings — like two or three a day sometimes — and during work-from-home period they’re done via video, so I still have to wear regular clothes during work hours. Drat it.

    I can’t speak for the other 96% of the world, but if the United States is to become a more just and humane place after the pandemic, it will require the Democrats to win a crushing victory this November. The Republicans have shown that they’re just as malignant as ever — forcing Wisconsinites to risk infection to vote, trying to re-open the economy before it’s safe, trying to destroy the Postal Service, and on and on. Some people don’t improve no matter what the situation.

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    1. Bummer that you can’t wear pajama bottoms to online meetings like the rest of the working world. Also a bummer that you have to participate in so many meetings!
      I heartily concur with what you’re saying, and I’ve been writing similarly in various posts. It must be an overwhelming clean Democratic sweep up and down in as many states as possible. If any good can arise from this awful pandemic, I think it’s that it gives us a chance to try to make more dramatic changes in our safety net than people might have been open to before because more people see how badly government is needed and are able to tell how badly our current leadership is failing.
      But wow, what a huge job lies ahead!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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