Outside My Window…

Our Goldfinches

Image courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net

A portent of spring,
Still garbed in winter’s drab gray
They crowd the feeder—
Six at a time, reserving each perch.

Not vertically challenged,
They cling firmly by strong claws
On the feeder specially designed
For their idiosyncratic lifestyle

Hanging there, heads downward,
They sate themselves while
Performing an avian gymnast’s feat.

And then they’re gone
Back to the bushes
Back to anonymity
Their dining interrupted by forces
Invisible to us.

We can nourish them,
We can admire them,
But we cannot keep them safe.
For that, they rely on their instincts…
And on each other.


Our Squirrels

Image courtesy of flickr.com

What do you do with half an egg?
Unable to digest the yolk
I place it, boiled, on the window sill.

One squirrel, small and thin,
Has caught our eye
He races to it,
Beating out a larger interloper.

Then, quite full of egg and self
He chases the interloper to the yard,
Where he boasts his conquest
By mounting her,
Oblivious to the male cliche
Evoked by his ardor.

26 thoughts on “Outside My Window…

  1. These are beautiful pieces, Annie. I think I particularly like the first, about goldfinches and all our avian friends. You’ve captured their nature so well and it’s true, such wildlife we can admire but we cannot keep safe. Wonderfully written.
    Caz xx

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    1. I have written very little beyond basic prose, and I am tentative about this new direction. So your generous encouragement is a treasure, and I am most—there’s that word again—grateful for it. The fiery undercurrent names something that had been subconscious, but I now clearly see. Thank you, my new friend!

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  2. So wonderful to observe and document the behaviour of these little critters through poetry. You pay homage to the acrobatics and instincts of the goldfinches in a way that evokes admiration, and your description of the male squirrel and his conquests is just hilarious!! These have brightened up my cold winter day!

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  3. Hi Annie. You asked for it so don’t get mad at me. I’ll just do Goldfinches. I love the precision sculpting — both in word choice and stanza form. When I got to “And then they’re gone,” I sooo wanted it to end there, on that Bam! But, of course, while you gain the “bam” ending, you lose some of the sentiment that comes in after. So, as your spiritual advisor and editor, I suggest cutting the last ten lines to these three:

    And then they’re gone
    Following invisible instinct
    And each other.

    Forgive the presumptuousness. Just putting my ideas on the table as they come, for you to accept or reject as suits your vision 🙂

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    1. Presumptuousness? When you were doing me a favor? I think not—and I’m certainly not mad at you! You’ve provided a valuable lesson for me that less can indeed be more. I’m going to leave this one as it is because I am attached to the sentiment, but I’ll definitely keep the bam!! factor in mind for subsequent forays into this genre where I’m still a novice. Thank you, o spiritual advisor and editor! I am most appreciative.

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    1. Thank you; I’m kinda fond of him myself. And as a punster, I appreciate your witty comment.
      Also thanks for plowing through the WP tangle to get your response online. I know it sometimes takes effort, and I’m most appreciative.


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